Carson Kindred

Carson Kindred (he/him) (23Ox, 25C) is from Minneapolis, Minnesota majoring in Political Science. He is the News Editor for the Oxford Spokesman, a member of Oxford's Student Activities Committee, works to get students involved in Georgia politics for the Oxford Young Dems. In his free time, Carson loves to read, make music, and is a proud member of several intramural sports teams.

Meritocracy doesn’t solve inequality. It justifies it.

(Pixabay/dehaasbe) When we envision meritocracy at work, we imagine someone starting off as a salesperson and moving their way up to manager, or a passionate student from an underprivileged background working from paralegal to partner. Americans tend to view hard work as a necessary step toward achievement, believing that with enough time, sacrifice and heart, [...]

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Nantucket is a Northeastern paradise, but not for you

Wikimedia Commons/Tim Sackton My grandmother recently took me on a trip to the east coast, with our goal to tour historical sites and visit as many notable places as we could. We spent little time in each location, darting from one place to the next without fully being able to take in everything. While in [...]

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College is a game many students don’t realize they’re playing

Unsplash/Randy Fath Life has become gamified. In order to receive a loan, one needs a high enough credit score, a point system that reduces a complex idea like financial credibility down to a single number. Posts on Twitter are measured by likes and retweets, a point system to which we have arbitrarily assigned value. Our [...]

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Military marketing reveals America’s failure to support our generation

Unsplash/Joel Rivera-Camacho March is the best month for college basketball. There are games everyday, wild upsets and impressive comebacks — it really is madness. But one aspect of this madness I was not prepared for was being subjected to repeated propagandizing by the United States military. There are several military advertising campaigns running at the [...]

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