Caroline Catherman

Caroline Catherman (20C) is a Psychology and English double-major from Atlanta, GA. She likes dogs, hiking and traveling!

Emory Study to Examine Kidney Disease of Unknown Origin in Latino Agricultural Workers

An increasing number of Latino agricultural workers are arriving with kidney failure at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, according to Valerie Vi Mac, a postdoctoral researcher at Emory University’s Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. Many of them wait all day for dialysis, a life-sustaining process that relies on a machine to substitute the kidneys’ functions [...]

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Emory Receives $73 Million to Research Alzheimer’s Treatments

Courtesy Emory Photo/Video The National Institute on Aging selected Emory University as the lead institution to receive a federal grant of over $73 million. The grant will fund five years of international research into drugs that may prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Emory will use the grant to establish an Open Drug Discovery Center for Alzheimer’s disease, [...]

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DeKalb County to Replace Water Lines Around Emory

The Briarcliff Corridor Water Infrastructure Replacement Project, which will replace about 45,000 feet of water lines along Briarcliff and North Decatur roads, began construction on Sept. 22, according to Engineering Manager at the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management Keith Laguaite. The project will replace several pipes that have been in use for over a [...]

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Emory Study Examines For-Profit Dialysis Centers

Patients at for-profit kidney dialysis centers are less likely to receive kidney transplants than those at nonprofit centers, according to a Sept. 10 study published by researchers at Emory and health care company Kaiser Permanente.  Dialysis is a medical treatment that substitutes the kidney’s functions by removing excess water, salt and toxins and regulating other [...]

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Emory Neurologist Awarded $2.1 Million Grant to Study Sleep Disorder

A decade ago, Emory neurologist and doctor Lynn Marie Trotti made an accidental discovery when one of her patients was prescribed the antibiotic clarithromycin for an infection. After taking the medication, the patient’s hypersomnia, a little-understood condition which causes severe daytime sleepiness, vanished. “She called me up and said, ‘It’s amazing, I can’t sleep at [...]

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