Calen MacDonald

Calen MacDonald (22C) is from Palmetto, Fl. and is double majoring in English and creative writing and neuroscience and behavioral biology. Outside of the Wheel, he is the recruitment chair for Emory Crew and a school captain for Emory Reads. If he had any free time, he would spend it looking for free food and reminding everyone how tall he is (he's 6'8").

SGA Overspends by More Than $28,000

Nearly three months have passed since Student Government Association (SGA) discovered it over-allocated funds by $28,019.33 this year, and student leaders remain unclear about how they plan to correct the issue. The deficit occurred when the 2017-18 SGA Finance Committee over-projected incoming revenue for the following fiscal year by overestimating the number of students who [...]

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Leonard Pitts Jr. Rebukes Treatment of MLK’s Legacy

Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary, delivers Emory’s King Week’s keynote speech on Jan. 22./Kushal Bafna, Staff Leonard Pitts Jr., winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary and author of six books, delivered Emory’s King Week’s keynote speech on Jan. 22 in Cox Hall Ballroom. In a half-hour address [...]

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Carlos Renovates Near Eastern Galleries

The Morgens West Foundation Galleries of Ancient Near Eastern Art at the Michael C. Carlos Museum reopened on Nov. 10 after nine months of renovations that redesigned the layout, added new artwork and integrated instructional videos into some exhibits, according to a Nov. 6 University press release. The newly renovated galleries are organized according to [...]

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‘The Insanity’ Attempts to Redefine Mental Illness

Seven strangers wake up in a psychiatric hospital, unsure of how they arrived there and even more confused about whether they will be able to leave. The Emory Chinese Theater Club’s (ECTC) captivating fall production, “The Insanity,” follows these seven individuals as they desperately attempt to prove that they deserve to return to the outside [...]

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‘The Moors’ Shines With Character Depth

In the midst of total darkness, “The Moors” opens with a slow-building cacophony of bird squawks and screeches. This eerie atmosphere, which only grows as the lights come on and the characters seem to spontaneously appear onstage, persists throughout Theater Emory’s dark and daring play. Directed by Matt Huff (97C) of the Theater Studies Program, [...]

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