Cailen Chinn

Chief of Digital Operations | [email protected] Cailen Chinn (22C) is from Boulder, Colorado and double majoring in film & media management and French. Aside from being the Wheel's jack-of-all-trades, she is a member of Emory's varsity swim team. She prides herself in her taste in music and her coffee addiction (which she documents on her Instagram account, @cailendrinkscoffee).

Virginia Highland neighborhood gets PERC-ier | Cailen Drinks Coffee

If you’ve ever driven or walked through the Virginia Highland neighborhood (VaHi), you know the home-grown charm of the area. Virginia Highland is one of the best places to shop local in Atlanta, with its countless neighborhood restaurants and bars dotted along its streets. Now, consider grabbing a delightfully crafted latte at PERC Coffee. The [...]

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Home Brewing | Cailen Drinks Coffee

What originally started as a desire to try all of Atlanta’s best lattes has since evolved into an obsession, an Instagram account and now an Emory Life column. I want this column to be a place to share my knowledge with you, give you recipes, review Atlanta coffee shops and dive into coffee culture. Courtesy [...]

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My Identity Crisis as of Late

Photo courtesy of Liv Walker. The evening of the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting and six days after the Atlanta spa attacks, I posted a tweet. As soon as I sent my message for the world to see, it started to garner more attention than any of my past tweets. It read: “I am an Asian [...]

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The NFL’s Worst Rule Merits Change

There are many rules in the NFL that simply make sense. For example, running or passing the ball into the end zone results in a touchdown; kicking the ball through the goalposts after a touchdown is an extra point; sacking a player inside of their end zone is a safety; throwing an interception or fumbling [...]

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