Caelan Bailey

Caelan Bailey (22Ox, 24C) is from Charleston, South Carolina.

A College Voter’s Guide to the Georgia Runoffs

Both of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats are heading to a runoff on Jan. 5 following the results of the 2020 general election, in which  no candidate in any race received greater than 50% of the vote. The results of the runoff election are critical to the Democratic Party, which currently holds 48 seats to the [...]

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The 1918 Pandemic: Then and Now

When a virulent disease upended Katherine Anne Porter’s life, the author turned to writing to process her experience.  “All the theaters and nearly all the shops and restaurants are closed, and the streets have been full of funerals all day and ambulances all night,” Porter wrote. While the scene may sound familiar in 2020, that [...]

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A Guide to Spring Registration

Registration for the 2021 spring semester will begin on Nov. 16 and end Nov. 20. All students will register for all of their courses, capped at 19 credits, during one assigned registration period.  Enrollment times are stratified by credit hours earned, meaning those with senior standing will register Nov. 16, juniors Nov. 17, sophomores Nov. [...]

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Infectious Disease Expert Carlos del Rio Combats Misinformation, Death Threats, COVID-19 Pandemic

A leading infectious disease expert, Executive Associate Dean of Emory University School of Medicine Carlos del Rio has done hundreds of media interviews with CNN, CNBC and other media outlets since the COVID-19 outbreak. During the pandemic, del Rio has worked as a doctor and researcher at Grady Memorial Hospital, treating patients and performing vaccine [...]

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Oxford Students Protest Spring Plans, Truncated Semester

Frustrated and confused, Oxford College sophomores have pushed back against the University leaving them without a final semester on campus. Students demand the University reprioritize the 75 additional on-campus spots and provide increased remote support for the spring semester. The spring plan, which prioritizes first-years to live on campus, was made to maintain “continuity with [...]

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