Bridget Barnsley

Bridget Barnsley (20Ox, 22C) is from Orange, Connecticut, double majoring in English and creative writing and film and media management. Her hobbies include books, movies and TV, and she can be found online discussing all of the above. She also works as the book reviewer for the independent e-zine, The Elephant Ladder. Contact Barnsley at [email protected]

‘Instant Karma’ Makes You Think About The Bigger Picture

Author Marissa Meyer, best known for bestselling fantasy novels such as “The Lunar Chronicles,” the “Renegades” series, as well as the standalone novel “Heartless,” has garnered a large fanbase of readers. Her newest book, “Instant Karma,” is her first contemporary novel. With Meyer’s past books in mind, I was nervous that “Instant Karma” would not [...]

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‘The Mandalorian’ Strikes Back for Season 2

Last winter, the release of the first season of “The Mandalorian” blew up the internet. Baby Yoda memes abounded. The Guardian called him “2019’s biggest new character” proving the popularity of the series from the start. Since then, fans have been eagerly awaiting the show’s second season. Episode one of the space-based Western premiered on [...]

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Atlanta Film Festival 2020 Highlights Hardship, Resilience

The world has gone awry since the pandemic first began in early 2020, and major events have been canceled as a result, from the Met Gala to Coachella. For the most part, however, film festivals have adapted to complications arising from COVID-19, and this year’s Atlanta Film Festival, which ran from Sept. 17 to Sept. [...]

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‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 Teleports to Another Hit Season

Talking chimpanzees, time traveling assassins and robot mothers seem like they wouldn’t work, but “The Umbrella Academy” weaves all these clashing threads together for a gripping, bingeable show. The first season of the hit Netflix show was 2019’s ninth most popular release and third most popular series on Netflix in the United States. Needless to [...]

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