Brammhi Balarajan

Brammhi Balarajan (23C) is from Las Vegas, majoring in political science and English and creative writing. She is the Assistant Opinion Editor and her column, Brammhi’s Ballot, focuses on national politics. Outside of the Wheel, she’s involved with Emory SaRaas and Matriculate.

Stop Making Excuses for Racist Presidents

On July 22, former Vice President Joe Biden stated that President Donald Trump is the first racist that was elected president.  Since then, Biden’s campaign has attempted to reframe his damaging rhetoric by stating that “there have been a number of racist American presidents, but Trump stands out — especially in modern history.” While Trump [...]

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Biden’s New Climate Plan Shows Why Progressives Must Vote

The perils of climate change are upon us. The U.S. has spent far too long being ambivalent toward the dire threat of climate change, exacerbated under Trump’s administration. If we hope to counteract the effects of climate change, we must depend upon bold, progressive change. We need a leader unafraid to seize that opportunity.  As [...]

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In Wake of Protests, We Must Defund Police

In the last few weeks, Black Lives Matter protests have spread across the U.S. like wildfire. Americans everywhere have risen in defiance of police brutality that has long plagued our nation. Amid these protests, a movement seeking to defund police departments has arisen, and we must continue to amplify this movement.  While calls for reform [...]

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Ahmaud Arbery Deserves Justice. We Must Ensure It Happens.

On May 6, a video chronicling the tragic shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man killed by two white men while jogging, provoked nationwide outrage. Despite that the shooting occured on Feb. 23, Gregory and Travis McMichael, the two men who pursued and shot Arbery, were not arrested until May 7, largely because of [...]

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Here’s How We Can Appeal to Sanders’ Base and Unify the Democrats

On April 8, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) ended his presidential campaign, paving the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to become the Democratic presidential nominee. Perhaps the biggest challenge for Biden in the coming months will be unifying his moderate Democratic base and Sanders’ progressive supporters. Motivating young people to vote and to support [...]

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