Ben Perlmutter

Ben Perlmutter is a College junior from Chappaqua, New York majoring in Math and Political Science. In addition to being a staff writer for Editorials, he's involved with the Emory Journal of International Affairs, TableTalk, the Center for Law Politics and Economics and the Media Council.

Hold Up

Ben Perlmutter Last Monday, College sophomore Andrew Alter responded to a piece that I wrote two weeks ago about Netanyahu and the recent Israeli election. I liked Alter’s article. It was intelligently and clearly written, and I learned from it. And moreover, I appreciate that he took the time and energy to stand up for his beliefs [...]

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Iran Deal A+

Ben Perlmutter Last Thursday, when I saw that the United States, Iran and other world powers finally established a framework nuclear agreement I felt a rush of joy — a swelling of mild euphoria rushed from my chest throughout my body, reaffirming to myself what a giant politics nerd I am. This nuclear agreement is [...]

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J. Cole’s Too-Short Concert Filled with Energy

Expectations were high for J. Cole’s performance at "Dooley's Frolics," the headline concert for Dooley’s Week, on Friday, March 28. Fans lined up before 5 p.m. to be the first ones into the concert when doors opened up at 7 p.m. When the doors finally did open at 7 p.m. (on the dot), the line had [...]

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Israeli Extremism Threatens Jews

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons: MathKnight The Jewish people are once again under the same threat that they have been for most of their history: that of extremism. Jews have faced many forms of extremism, ranging from the Spanish Inquisition, to Eastern European pogroms, to the Nazis. Today, radical Islamism and growing populist anti-Semitism pose [...]

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China Sees Value in Space Exploration

Comic by Priyanka Pai The Chinese government is rife with corruption, commits horrible human rights abuses, bullies its neighbors and promotes environmentally degrading and polluting policies, among other offenses. But while the Chinese government, led by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has many flaws, it’s making remarkable progress in the field of space exploration. As [...]

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