Ben Perlmutter

Ben Perlmutter is a College junior from Chappaqua, New York majoring in Math and Political Science. In addition to being a staff writer for Editorials, he's involved with the Emory Journal of International Affairs, TableTalk, the Center for Law Politics and Economics and the Media Council.

Paris, Social Media, and Us

I learned about the recent Paris terror attacks from my Facebook feed when a friend posted a link to CNN’s live updates of the situation. Later in the evening, I also saw in my feed that a friend studying in Paris was “marked safe during The Paris Terror Attacks.” As Friday night went on, and [...]

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@NSAGov, You Have a New Follower

Last week, Edward Snowden, controversial privacy activist and notorious government leaker, #BrokeTheInternet when he joined Twitter. In his first tweet, he asked, “Can you hear me now?” Beginning with this mocking reference to the series of mid-2000s Verizon commercials, he has since released a series of tweets about government surveillance and accountability. His Twitter handle [...]

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America Fails to Resettle Refugees

A majority of those fleeing war-torn Syria have found refuge in bordering countries. (Graphic by Erik Alexander) Images of a drowned three-year-old Syrian boy — Aylan Kurdi — washed up on Mediterranean shores rippled across global media last week, throwing the long-neglected international refugee crisis into the spotlight. In the wake of the jarring image [...]

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Jimmy Carter: A Champion for Peace and Diplomacy

Image courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter announced in a press conference last month at the Carter Center, a partner of Emory University, that he would begin to retire from public life to focus on treatment for his recently diagnosed cancer. With his retirement, the nation loses not just [...]

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Be Sociable, Send Sticker Messages

Photo by (Flickr) The introduction of the Facebook sticker search function was one of the most promising recent developments on the Internet. For those unfamiliar with the fledgling universe of Facebook stickers, they are pictures (sometimes moving!) of various things doing various (usually strange) actions — ranging from a Power Ranger putting its thumb up, [...]

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