Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas (23C) is from Dayton, Ohio, majoring in comparative literature and political science. In addition to his role as the Wheel's opinion editor and a member of the Editorial Board, he is an Interdisciplinary Exploration and Scholarship (IDEAS) Fellow, a Center for Law and Social Sciences Undergraduate Fellow, a member of the Ethics and Servant Leadership Forum, the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal's head social sciences editor and an associate justice on Constitutional Council. In his free time, he enjoys cross-country running, playing bass trombone, experimenting with new oatmeal recipes and re-watching The West Wing for the fourth time. Contact Thomas at [email protected]

America, Grit Your Teeth and Watch the Debates

As we all settled in to watch the first presidential debate on Sept. 29, none of us expected to be witnesses to a squabble between preschoolers. Moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace’s remarks cast the debate as a war zone, stating he’s “never been through anything like this.” In the aftermath of the debate, [...]

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Legacy of Collegial Fearlessness

Not many members of the American judiciary ever become celebrities. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was quite the exception, and the extent to which the nation has grieved her death is a testament to that. Throughout her 27-year tenure, she single-handedly reshaped American law, issuing famously scathing dissents and establishing enduring precedents. She made the U.S. [...]

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Make Friends, Not Hospital Visits

People need each other, and we always have. For millennia, philosophers have known “man [to be] by nature a social animal,” and in the last few centuries, modern medicine has systematized this understanding. That mental health has plummeted nationwide in the last nine months, then, should hardly come as a surprise. All of us are [...]

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