Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas (23C) is from Centerville, Ohio, and he majors in political science and English. In addition to his role as Opinion Editor at the Wheel, he is a member of the Ethics and Servant Leadership Forum, an associate justice on Constitutional Council and a social sciences editor for the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing bass trombone, making himself oatmeal, and re-watching the West Wing. Contact Thomas at [email protected]

America Needs the Woman From Michigan

America stands at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented crisis in our nation. Not since the 1918 Spanish Flu has a single disease posed such an acute, existential threat to the U.S., and never before has the economy shut down so completely in the name of public health. In all likelihood, we will [...]

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Make Your Own Mask, and Wear It

American culture, by and large, is not collective. Through our ideals of free-market capitalism, manifest destiny and the American Dream, we’ve consistently glorified self-improvement and personal liberty over the public good. It’s true that this mindset can improve your stock portfolio’s performance. But today, as COVID-19 ravages the U.S., it may well kill your neighbors. [...]

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To Improve Productivity, Ban Laptops in Lecture Classrooms

It’s syllabus day. You’re sitting in a cavernous lecture classroom in White Hall, cramped and uncomfortable but at least moderately excited for the semester ahead. But then, the brilliant lecture takes a turn and your heart drops: the professor doesn’t allow laptops in the room. The loss of your lifeline to the outside world likely [...]

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Leave the Supreme Court Alone: Nine Justices is Just Right

Contributing Cartoonist/ Daniel Meek   For the first time in nearly a decade, the Supreme Court on Monday struggled with the Second Amendment to the Constitution, potentially setting the stage for a monumental expansion of gun rights nationwide. With its newly stabilized slate of justices, the Court appears ready to embark on what may be [...]

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Warren Effectively Tackles Racial Issues at Rally

Elizabeth Warren will never fully understand the plight of the black voter, and she wants us all to know. Along with nine other presidential candidates, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) arrived in Atlanta last week to participate in the Nov. 20 Democratic presidential primary debate and to garner support among Atlanta’s hugely influential African American community. [...]

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