Ben Thomas

Ben Thomas (23C) is from Dayton, Ohio, majoring in comparative literature and political science. In addition to his role as the Wheel's opinion editor and a member of the Editorial Board, he is an Interdisciplinary Exploration and Scholarship (IDEAS) Fellow, a Center for Law and Social Sciences Undergraduate Fellow, a member of the Ethics and Servant Leadership Forum, the Emory Undergraduate Research Journal's head social sciences editor and an associate justice on Constitutional Council. In his free time, he enjoys cross-country running, playing bass trombone, experimenting with new oatmeal recipes and re-watching The West Wing for the fourth time. Contact Thomas at [email protected]

Emory needs a Good Life Center

Illustration by Ulia Ahn If you’re reading this article, you probably already know that Emory has a mental health problem. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve heard other students bemoan the difficulty of making an appointment at Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), finding an enriching community or navigating Emory’s labyrinthine network of [...]

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Slack and Teams Are Slowly Killing Us

“An easier, more organized way to work.” This is what Slack, the workplace communication app, promises its customers. Maybe it’s an easier way to work, but it’s definitely not a happier way to live. Since COVID-19 struck over a year ago, the workplace has invaded Americans’ homes, destroyed our work-life balance and eviscerated our mental [...]

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All the Opinions Fit to Print

In March 2020, conservative columnist and author Heather Mac Donald’s visit to Emory provoked widespread protests. During my first week as an editor at the Wheel, we published seven opinion articles responding to her invective, which included incendiary assertions that most “campus rape[s] [are] voluntary hookups” and that “anti-bias effort is unnecessary.” Many of those [...]

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1963: Emory’s Refounding

Picture this: a small group of Methodist ministers build a university from the ground up, against all odds, while dreaming of a place to build character and sharpen minds. They struggle to make ends meet for years until a “million-dollar letter” and land donated by the Coca-Cola Company paves the way for the acclaimed powerhouse [...]

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