Annie Uichanco

Managing Editor | [email protected] | Annie Uichanco (20C) is from Tampa, Fla., majoring in music composition. She covers sports and occasionally arts & entertainment. In addition to the Wheel, she is an avid baker, guitarist and true lefty.

‘Animal Crossing’ Offers Idyllic Escape With ‘New Horizons’

By now, you’ve probably seen the memes of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” that depict a life of cute anthropomorphic animals, cantankerous wildlife and QR code outfits. In this life, raccoon Tom Nook invites you on the Deserted Island Getaway Package. On the island, you discover beautiful flora and fauna, soft jazzy tunes, and the stark [...]

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Desta Not the Best-a, But Hits the Spot

Michelle Lou/Editor-in-Chief As soon as the promise of a Desta Ethiopian Kitchen opening at Emory Point hit the news, I texted my foodie friends out of sheer joy, scheduling future dates for the opening of the second location of one of Atlanta’s top Zagat-rated restaurants. Though the opening date was up in the air for [...]

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Editors’ Top Albums for Finals Week

Any Pixar motion picture soundtrack Annie Uichanco, Sports Editor Courtesy of Dan Goldwasser As a music composition major, it’s hard to listen to other music when you’re writing your own, so I rarely listen to music when I study. But when I study, I usually play film scores as background noise. Whenever I watch a [...]

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Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ a Vibrant Respite From Reality

There’s a reason why I waited half a day online to buy a ticket to see Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” at the High Museum. It’s the same reason why tickets sold out within two days of its opening to the general public. It’s a masterpiece collection unlike any other. Yayoi Kusama, an 89-year-old Japanese contemporary [...]

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New Coaches Join Diving, Softball

The 2018-19 school year has introduced new faces to the Emory Athletics coaching staff, adding Head Diving Coach Michael “Mike” Haun and Head Softball Coach Adrianna Baggetta to the roster. Head Diving Coach Michael “Mike” Haun After the departure  of former Head Diving Coach Alexandre Kossenkov over the summer, Haun brings his collegiate diving experience [...]

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