The Wheel’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

For lovers and the lonely alike, Feb. 14 is a day that stirs up mixed feelings. Our Arts & Entertainment staff has compiled a list of songs that capture every possible Valentine’s Day mood, from joy to jealousy and love to lust. No matter how you spend the day, we hope it's set to some [...]

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A&E Staff Examines Future of Political Art

In the days leading up to the election, many Americans reflected upon November 2016 and all that’s changed since then. As consumers and writers of the arts, A&E staff penned our thoughts on U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s effect on American art over the past four years and hypothesized how the election, though still too [...]

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The Wheel’s Curated Halloween Playlist

Even the pandemic cannot stop our staff, who have written in from all over the world to bring you the spookiest Halloween playlist possible. Read below for a mix of classics, soon-to-be classics and hidden gems. As they say in “Twin Peaks,” let’s rock! The playlist is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Saru Garg: [...]

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The Wheel’s Top Halloween Movies

This year’s Halloween will certainly be much stranger than ever before, but one thing is sure to get all of us in that Halloween spirit despite the horrors all around: a good scary movie. Whether you’re planning on spending Oct. 31 by yourself or at a (socially distanced) soiree, here are our picks for some [...]

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