Ariana Gassel

Ariana is from Skokie, Illinois, and she majors in international studies and Middle Eastern studies. Besides writing for the Wheel's Opinion section, Ariana leads weekly service trips through Volunteer Emory and outdoor excursions as an Outdoor Emory leader. When she is not exasperating her peers with her controversial opinions, Ariana enjoys sipping a good cup of coffee, discussing film theory, poring over classic literature and engaging in constructive dialogue.

WHO’s Mishandling of COVID-19 Justifies Trump’s Funding Withdrawal

When the first report of COVID-19 came to light, both ambiguity, anxiety and uncertainty went hand in hand as more information (and misinformation) circulated just as quickly as toilet paper sold out in grocery stores. As the world sought answers from medical globalist organizations like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease [...]

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If You Support Israel, Support Trump

My fellow “mishpachah” (family), I understand that this may be a difficult pill to swallow. Sure, when one is asked to draw up advocates for Israel, the last person that naturally comes to mind is President Donald Trump. But this presidential election, I implore my fellow Jewish peers to objectively analyze the evidence at hand [...]

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Engage Others, Don’t Dismiss

“Emory College Republicans have reverted to endorsing and propagating racism. … They stoke division and accomplish nothing.” “To everyone who supports this, feel free to block me.” These are just some of the many ad hominem attacks that my peers and I have encountered as members of the Emory College Republicans before our invited speaker, [...]

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