Annie Cohen

[email protected] | Annie Cohen is a College freshman from New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in English. She joined the Wheel’s Editorial Board Fall 2016. She has a special interest in musical theater and Shakespeare, and she performed in Theater Emory's Fall 2016 production of Romeo and Juliet.

The Fast or the Accurate

What is better: speed or accuracy? This is a question that politicians and the media have to answer every time a news story breaks. They must decide if being the first to report is worth risking inaccuracy, or if it is better to be 100 percent accurate and ergo slower to report. Viewers look for [...]

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Homecoming Sans Football

With 18 varsity sports and 20 NCAA Division-III national championships, nobody would dare say that Emory is lacking in athletic ability and achievement. The only noticeable thing missing from our sports scene is possibly the highest profile sport in the country: football. While many people would gasp in horror at this fact, I find nothing [...]

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Colleges, Let’s Talk

  Attend all of your classes. Do your homework. Drink coffee! Run with one earbud out, or risk getting abducted or raped. Never drink anything that your eyes haven't watched like a hawk. Never walk alone. Do you see the difference? I do. This is all advice that I have received when people discover that [...]

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