Annie Cohen

[email protected] | Annie Cohen is a College freshman from New Orleans, Louisiana, majoring in English. She joined the Wheel’s Editorial Board Fall 2016. She has a special interest in musical theater and Shakespeare, and she performed in Theater Emory's Fall 2016 production of Romeo and Juliet.

Group Projects and Their Backward Lessons

Students everywhere are familiar with the collective groan that invariably accompanies the phrase “group project.” Those assignments are a stressful rite of passage for students that force group members to band together and attempt to allocate work equally – or perhaps not so equally. In practice, the best group projects are usually those completed by [...]

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Modern Anti-Semitism Alive: Small Scale, Unnoticed Prejudices Exist

It is scary when people don’t realize that anti-Semitism exists today. Throughout history, the persecution of Jews often involved violence rather than a silent hatred, and without recognition of modern day anti-Semitism, the possibility that history could repeat itself becomes more and more likely. I had provided a real-life anecdote of my own experience with [...]

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Dazzles, Gets a Much-Needed Tune Up

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures Beauty and the Beast (2017) is a tale as old as time, packed to its brim with Disney magic. As I walked into the theater, I had no idea I would be witnessing one of the best-executed remakes I had ever seen. The film was captivating, with stunning cinematography. The [...]

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Shaban, Janick Triumph in Wheel’s Laser Tag Championships

Photo Courtesy of flickr user Mark McGrady. Editorial Board member Tarrek Shaban (17C) and Business Manager Nathan Janick (17B) claimed the first- and second-round victories, respectively, in laser tag played in the Wheel’s March 2 tournament at Laser Quest in Duluth, Ga. Prior to the start of the game, nine Wheel staff members raised their [...]

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Trump is One Expensive Hypocrite

If there is one thing we know about President Donald Trump and his family, they live a lavish lifestyle. Something that I had not considered about this wealthy man becoming our president is the amount of money it would cost for him to maintain his standard of living alongside the protection he now requires. Let’s [...]

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