Angela Choksi

Angela Choksi (22C) lives in Chicago, Illinois, but is originally from Mumbai, India, and is double-majoring in political science and economics. Choksi serves as the captain of Savera, Emory’s Indian classical dance team, and the president of UNICEF Emory. She recently interned at Goldman Sachs under the merchant banking division. Contact Choksi at [email protected]

EPD Terminates Emory Emergency Medical Services Program After 30 Years

After the Emory Emergency Medical Service (EEMS) program paused last year as a result of COVID-19 safety precautions, Emory Police Department (EPD) Chief Rus Drew emailed EEMS members on April 1 informing them that the program will not resume this fall.  Drew’s email did not identify a specific reason for why the program was ending, [...]

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PopSockets Founder and Alum David Barnett on Failure and Resilience

Products that enhance user experiences have become ubiquitous and indispensable. In 2018, the burgeoning mobile phone accessories market in the U.S. amassed $28.52 billion and has continued to boom since.  For former philosophy professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder and entrepreneur David Barnett (92C), creating the infamous PopSocket wasn’t a conscious decision, rather, [...]

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‘Feel the Beat’ Misses the Right Note

Scrolling through Netflix yields a treasure trove of binge-worthy dance movies, some refreshing and some not so much. The vast majority of them, however, follow similar storylines revolving around a singular dancer who happens to find love while competing in a dance contest, or while performing in a musical. “Feel the Beat” checks both of [...]

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Emory to Implement Optional Standardized Test Policy for Class of 2025

The University has joined a number of other universities including Harvard (Mass.), Columbia (N.Y.) and Rice (Texas), in transitioning to a test-optional admissions cycle for the 2020-21 academic year.  The new policy, which will apply to the Class of 2025, highlights three key points: submitting standardized test scores will be completely optional, students will not [...]

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