Angela Tang

Angela Tang (22C) is from West Lafayette, Ind., majoring in economics and mathematics on a pre-med track. Outside of the Wheel, she works at an HIV lab and serves on the curriculum, assessment and educational policy College Council committee. She enjoys watching gymnastics, collecting stationery and drinking Blue Donkey's summer almond blend.

Sophomores Connect ‘Humans of Emory’ Through Stories, Virtual Events

Though social media has been criticized for its superficiality, one group of Emory students has used Instagram to create a close-knit community for a student body scattered across the globe. On July 5, Hannah Jian (23C) and Kristina Trifonova (23C) launched The Humans of Emory, a platform that aims to “connect, uplift and humanize” the [...]

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Student Eases Community Hardships With Personal Care Packages

As COVID-19 exacerbates economic hardships for low-income families, student leaders have stepped up to support their community. One such leader, Lindsey Burton-Anderson (21C), launched the ONETogether Project, an organization that provides students disproportionately affected by the pandemic with care packages of essential feminine hygiene products.  Lindsey Burton-Anderson (21C) creates personal care packages for students disproportionately [...]

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The Challenges Emory Black Professionals Face in White-Dominated Workplaces

Recent and publicized acts of police brutality against unarmed Black individuals have sent shockwaves through the U.S., spurring non-Black Americans to learn more about racism. But for Black Americans, these experiences aren’t simply just a discussion topic encapsulated within an Instagram post; they denote a lifelong struggle for justice. Even the most accomplished have not [...]

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Black Student Leaders Create Safe Spaces for Black Voices

In the wake of a resurging civil rights movement sparked by the recent police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and many others, Black Emory students have unified and created virtual and in-person safe spaces for other Black students to share traumatic experiences with racism and sexual assault on campus.  At a time [...]

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Emory Medical Students Aid Mentors in the Fight Against COVID-19

Emory University Hospital./Ruth Reyes As COVID-19 sweeps the U.S., current medical students are struggling to sit on the sidelines while watching their mentors battle the pandemic. Instead of keeping idle, a group of Emory medical students created the Atlanta Student COVID Response, a student-led initiative that strives to assist Emory front-line health care workers through [...]

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