Angela Tang

Angela Tang (22C) is from West Lafayette, Ind., majoring in economics and mathematics on a pre-med track. Outside of the Wheel, she works at an HIV lab and serves on the curriculum, assessment and educational policy College Council committee. She enjoys watching gymnastics, collecting stationery and drinking Blue Donkey's summer almond blend.

Emory Medical Students Aid Mentors in the Fight Against COVID-19

Emory University Hospital./Ruth Reyes As COVID-19 sweeps the U.S., current medical students are struggling to sit on the sidelines while watching their mentors battle the pandemic. Instead of keeping idle, a group of Emory medical students created the Atlanta Student COVID Response, a student-led initiative that strives to assist Emory front-line health care workers through [...]

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Low-Income Students: Emory COVID-19 Response is Inconsistent, Unreliable

While the University’s transition to remote learning has been jarring for the larger Emory community, the sudden notice to evacuate campus housing has been inordinately devastating for many low-income students. As they’ve struggled to secure stable housing, fund last-minute travel plans and keep their families afloat, these students have become increasingly irritated by Emory’s sluggish [...]

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Faculty Aim to Ease Hardships While Upholding Academic Standards

Almost all of Emory’s lecture halls, libraries and laboratories are now barren. Buildings that were once bustling with students and faculty coming to and from class are now eerily quiet. Despite the harrowing situation the U.S. is in — embroiled in a bitter fight against the novel coronavirus — education must continue. As students upheaved [...]

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Brian Kibler Conquers ‘Magic’ and ‘Hearthstone’

With nearly 1 million followers on Twitch and YouTube combined, an induction into the “‘Magic: The Gathering’ Pro Tour Hall of Fame,” and multiple lead game designer positions, Brian Kibler (03C) has cemented his legacy in many areas of the video game industry.  The Hampstead, N.H. native said he has played video games for as [...]

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Explore Atlanta Through These 5 Landmarks

Tucked into the eastern suburb of Druid Hills, Ga., Emory’s campus is situated roughly 15 minutes from the heart of Atlanta, a lively and historically rich city. Take a day off from your medical school preparations, calculus problem sets and assigned philosophy readings to venture into the city and enjoy these five landmarks of Atlanta. [...]

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