Ally Hom

Ally Hom (she/her, 24C) is from Orange County, California. She is planning on majoring in business administration with a concentration in film and media management. Outside of the Wheel, Hom is a member of Emory Crew and is an extra in movies and TV shows filming in Atlanta.

Student-Athlete: Why Emory Lacks School Spirit

A common perception held by some students is that Emory Athletics and the University at large lacks school spirit. Granted, no student comes to Emory expecting Southeastern Conference levels of school pride, whether it’s thousands of people attending sporting events or intoxicated dads tailgating in parking lots. You would expect, however, that an athletics program [...]

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Visualizing the South: The Best Little Slaughterhouse in Texas

Ever since the 1915 release of “The Birth of a Nation,” movies have maintained a deep, complex relationship with the American South. Filmmakers have stereotyped, valorized, misrepresented and parodied one of the most complicated regions of the country. Their visions, although radically different in perspective, tend to be reductive. This column will explore the many [...]

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Campus Life Staff Offer Mental Health Tips for the Spring

As the second week of the spring kicks off, staff members of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS), the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) and Recreation & Wellness are still seeing students weather the same virtual classrooms and stressors from the fall, only this time amid even more staggering COVID-19 case numbers. Confined to small living [...]

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