Alison Barlow

Alison Barlow (she/hers 24C) is an illustrator for the Wheel. A political science and creative writing major, she is from the northernmost part of Vermont (yes, there is a lot of snow). In her free time, Barlow plays soccer, tutors for SHINE and is a part of Residence Life. She is also an avid reader and gym rat.

Professors Say Georgia Voting Law Targets Democratic Voters

Just months after Georgia experienced its highest voter turnout in history during the 2020 presidential election, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the “Election Integrity Act of 2021” (SB 202) into law on March 25. Though the law expands voting times in some respects, this legislation includes restrictions on absentee voting, voter ID requirement expansions, ballot [...]

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Tired of Hearing About the Stock Market? Turn to Astrology Instead

(Emory Wheel / Alison Barlow) “The stock market is astrology for men.”  In recent years, Sherrod DeGrippo’s tweet, and others comparing astrology to the stock market have gone viral, claiming they have the same degree of accuracy. While the comparison may seem silly, with the stock market dominating the global economy and astrology dominating Tik [...]

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Searching for Majors that Align with Your Passions

Within the first two years of college, students are tasked with the decision of what direction to take their academics in. Choosing a major can be a daunting task, especially while adjusting to a new social scene, a new living space and most recently, a pandemic. When I first came to Emory, I was unsure [...]

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