Sensationalism Is the New Conservatism

In the wake of the nation’s two biggest political parties taking the stage last month to rally support and nominate their respective presidential tickets, it’s impossible to ignore their radical differences in tone. Each convention was its respective party’s chance to present a coherent vision for the nation’s future. Yet, while one party focused on [...]

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Unpaid Internships Perpetuate Financial Inequality

There is no question that internships provide students with valuable work experiences. In a 2017 study investigating the benefits of student internships on career outcomes, researchers found that 53 percent of graduates from the four-year internship program at Endicott College (Mass.) received post-graduation employment through their internships. Eighty-one percent of these graduates reported that their [...]

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Controversy Over Facebook Executive’s Comments Overblown

Provocative and problematic — but not perilous. The recent release of a memo sent out to Facebook employees on June 18, 2016, from Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth has been interpreted as the company pushing employees to strive for growth regardless of potentially devastating consequences. The memo provoked fears that Facebook executives knowingly exposed the [...]

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Trump Cuts Target Donors, Hurt Students

When President Donald J. Trump unmasked his federal spending plan for 2019, unveiling a number of budget changes on Feb. 12, a notable provision emerged for current and aspiring college students. Trump is proposing changes to the way student loan debt is handled in the United States. Students in the U.S. currently hold about $1.3 [...]

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