Alex Wellisch

Alex Wellisch (23C) is from Washington, D.C., double majoring in business and music. Outside of The Wheel, his hobbies include playing the drums and guitar, listening to records and occasionally playing a friendly game of chess. If you want to talk music, from Stan Getz to Ozuna, Alex is your person.

‘Music’: A Mellow and Contagious Collection

It’s a Saturday morning. You wake up to the sunlight peering into your room and the birds chirping loudly outside your window. You yawn, stretch and move to the kitchen, where you begin to make your coffee or prepare your breakfast. Despite your eyes wanting to close again, you begin to mentally map out your [...]

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A Memorable Night of Swinging Jazz at the High

As jazz clubs and music venues nationwide weather the ongoing pandemic, live music concerts of all kinds are few and far between. But on the third Friday of every month, jazz and art aficionados alike come together safely to attend Friday Jazz at the High Museum of Art in Midtown Atlanta. On Feb. 19, the [...]

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