Aisha Tunkara

Aisha Tunkara (she/her/hers) (23OX) is from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently she is undecided, but she might consider majoring in International Studies. Outside of the Wheel, Aisha is a peer facilitator for Empower Oxford, where she helps to facilitate Bystander Empowerment training. In her free time, Aisha loves visiting different boba shops around Georgia. Contact Aisha at [email protected]

The ghosttown of the South: Selma, Alabama

The Emory Wheel/ Noor Aldayeh Going 80 miles per hour in a zone where the speed limit was 25 miles per hour helped me to conceptualize the vast emptiness of Selma’s community. When I say vast emptiness, I am not referring to Selma’s history and the amazing people who call it home, but rather the [...]

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Black History Month and its minimal effects on the Black community

Miki Jourdan/Creative Commons The great February. Quite distinct from the rest of the months. 28 days! These short 28 days are usually known as Black History Month. This joke circles around my community of Black friends every year. But although this joke is quite prominent, there is something we should pinpoint and genuinely focus on [...]

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