Aditya Prakash

Associate Editor | [email protected] Aditya Prakash (20C) is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavioral biology and philosophy. He enjoys playing 16-bit indie games and arguing for his pronunciation of the word schedule. He half-jokingly aims to one day join The Onion or Clickhole, but until then he will continue to serve the Wheel.

Crossword | 3.27.19

Click here for answers Across 1. Petite, tiny. 6. Very doable class. 7. To cost __ ____ and a leg. 8. Insincere but slick. 9. College slang for booze. Down 1. Red, Dead. 2. Comic specific to the West Pacific. 3. “Perfectly balanced __ ___ things should be.” 4. Line in a song. 5. Baby [...]

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‘Chef’s Table’ Feeds the Soul

Volume 6 of Netflix food documentary series “Chef’s Table” turns food porn into a meditative exercise through brilliant cinematography and a faultless score. Each episode explores myriad aspects of the featured chef’s life and identity, creating a strong, emotional attachment between the viewer and the chef. Unlike past seasons, Volume 6 veers away from the [...]

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Crossword | 3.20.19

Click here for answers Across 1. You’re it! 4. Along with Goyle, goon of Draco Malfoy. 10. Japanese Prime Minister. 11. Low-pitch, high-pitch singer. 12. BMW parent company. 14. Caribbean island chain and tax haven. 15. To have delayed a schedule. 19. __ __ to win it. 20. New York preparatory school, recently admitted just [...]

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On Cloud Nine: Starbucks Macchiato Impresses

With the average cup of coffee at Kaldi’s now at risk of contamination, the Emory population is left in desperate search for a more sanitary means of caffeination. Starbucks Coffee’s new caramel cloud macchiato delivered all my caffeination needs. The combination of espresso, cold foam and a pump of Starbucks’ crack cocaine-esque caramel syrup allows [...]

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Crossword | 3.6.19

Click here for answers ACROSS 1. As fast as you can. 5. Gen Z victory pose. 8. Connoting weblike structure. 9. Closest residence hall to Cox Hall. 13. Linkin Park: “In the ___, it doesn’t even matter.” 14. Real. 16. Related to the mouth. 17. Gator, power, lemon. 18. Looking good in fancy clothes. 21. [...]

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