Aditya Prakash

Associate Editor | [email protected] Aditya Prakash (20C) is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavioral biology and philosophy. He enjoys playing 16-bit indie games and arguing for his pronunciation of the word schedule. He half-jokingly aims to one day join The Onion or Clickhole, but until then he will continue to serve the Wheel.

TEDxEmory Series Talks Climate, Health

From Nov. 18 to 20, TEDxEmory hosted a series of events with themes ranging from climate change to mental health as part of their TEDxYouth series. The talks showcased relevant, contentious and relatable topics for college students. As events were held throughout the weekend, it meant that more students were able to partake in discussions [...]

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Vend Me Your Ears: The Top Three Vending Machine Snacks

It is 3 a.m. on a Saturday night. The cool air-conditioned winds of my residence hall hit my exposed arms and legs as I walk around in my pajamas. My lack of warmth is eclipsed by my rumbling stomach, which craves food more ravenously than a junior seeking a freshman’s DUC meal swipe. Guided by [...]

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The Food at Emory’s Favorite Bar and Grill

Aditya Prakash: When the name Maggie’s is said to an Emory undergraduate, naturally only one thing comes to mind: quality food. Yes, this bar and grill is evidently a gastronomic mecca, inspiring swarms of students to sing songs of praise toward it. To the rookies not quite as in-the-know as the foodies who seem to [...]

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Uncomfortable Situations Brought to You by SOC 101

Students may have seen people shouting in the Dobbs University Center (DUC), having heated arguments inside a quiet building or even farting in the middle of the library. It is that time of year when Introduction to General Sociology (SOC 101) students put on a brave face and attempt to break a social norm in [...]

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A Decisive Apical Triology of DUC Beverages

Socrates died from drinking a poisoned cup of hemlock, Christ had with him a glass of wine at The Last Supper and Rasputin consumed a tainted chalice of wine. These historical figures, all eventually subject to demise, share one commonality: a drink. As we, too, eventually stride toward our malnutrition-induced ends (thanks, Domino’s), let us [...]

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