Aditya Prakash

Associate Editor | [email protected] Aditya Prakash (20C) is from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, pursuing a double major in neuroscience and behavioral biology and philosophy. He enjoys playing 16-bit indie games and arguing for his pronunciation of the word schedule. He half-jokingly aims to one day join The Onion or Clickhole, but until then he will continue to serve the Wheel.

Dean Discusses Desi Dating

Some deans provide academic advice, others assist with career and professional endeavors, but Emory students can now proudly say that we have been given the rather unorthodox opportunity to receive dating advice from Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair. Hosted by Indian Cultural Exchange (ICE), the “Dean Talks Dating” event featured [...]

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Do-si-Do’s and Don’ts

Girl Scouts sell various types of cookies on the DUC terraces. Ruth Reyes/Photo Editor Whenever a kid sells any kind of food or drink it’s probably going to taste like trash. I’ve seen my fair share of disgusting concoctions, from overly sweet lemonade to horrifically dense chocolate cake, which I reluctantly agreed to buy out [...]

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An Excellent Place for Some Chit-‘Chaat’ | Chai Pani

The spicy and sour green mango chaat is texturally rich and moderately spicy, making the sweet thickness of the mango lassi an optimal accompaniment for the dish. | Alisha Compton/Emory Life Editor I first encountered Chai Pani the day before my father dropped me off for international orientation. Surrounded by the colorful decor reminiscent of [...]

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A Few Complex Roommate Situations

No matter where you are living next year, there is one feature of college life that you will not part with: living with other people. Whether it be a roommate or a neighbor, the biggest uncertainty when moving into a new place is what the chemistry is going to be like with your fellow inhabitants. [...]

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Dooley Dollars Done Right

Students at Emory find that they could allocate their Dooley Dollars more effectively. Alisha Compton/Emory Life Editor Dooley Dollars, to some an excellent way to balance out the dreariness of D.U.C. meals, but to others an accursed tool that if used inappropriately becomes the gateway to an uncontrollable Kaldi’s addiction. Like all things in life, [...]

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