Adesola Thomas

A&E Editor | [email protected] Adesola Thomas (20C) is from Hampton, Ga., a place she refers to as "the land of cow pastures." She is a double major in political science and English. She enjoys cooking, long scenic walks and looking at pictures of black labs on the internet. The first song Adesola ever learned how to rap all the way through was Kanye West's "Herd Em' Say" which she now feels mildly conflicted about. Adesola brings up Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" at least once a day and wrote every one of her college admissions essays about the social impact of "Saturday Night Live." She can hide up to twelve pencils in her afro and enjoys writing about people and art.

Literary Legend Nikki Giovanni Comes to Emory

Jackson Schneider/Asst. Photo Editor When asked what writing has taught her about people, literary legend, educator and poet Nikki Giovanni comically responded, “People are pieces of sh*t.” But despite the capacity people have to be cruel and unkind, she said, doing fulfilling work and having sound friends makes life worth living.  On Feb. 20, poet [...]

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Zack Villere’s ATL Concert Symbolizes Dreams of Youth Culture

Adesola Thomas/Arts & Entertainment Editor I’ve seen my fair share of unabashed Juggalos and debutante ball beauties in Atlanta. But of the bevy of youth subcultures in this city, the most fascinating may be the local D.I.Y. (do it yourself) music scene, rife with young local artists like rapper Chris Chandler and folk-rock songstresses like [...]

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Revisiting ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ and the Underrated Vulnerability of Cameron Frye

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures I started the “Reconciling with Art That’s Aged Poorly Series” to give Arts & Entertainment writers the opportunity to share their experiences with art they once enthusiastically loved but have since become more critical of. The column series was inspired by my own experiences with the “Austin Powers” franchise and early [...]

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Oh Dip, ‘The Good Place’ is Over 

Michael Schur, the executive producer of beloved shows like “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has made an indelible mark on American comedy. On Jan. 30, after four years of comical meditations on human nature and moral philosophizing, Schur’s most recent NBC comedy series, “The Good Place,” has ended. “The Good Place” was [...]

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‘Queen & Slim’ Contemplates Black Resilience and Sparks Crucial Conversation

Courtesy of Universal Pictures As black filmmakers are increasingly given the platform to share the range of stories they’ve long possessed the desire to tell (Chinonye Chukwu’s “Clemency” and Jimmie Fails’ “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” come to mind), audiences are gaining greater access to nuanced narratives of black characters. Screenwriter Lena Waithe [...]

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