Aayush Gupta

Aayush Gupta (22B) is from Singapore, majoring in finance. He is passionate about soccer and is a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona. His other interests include endlessly talking about movies, international geopolitics, philosophy and dabbling in photography. Contact Gupta at [email protected]

A&E Staff Picks of the Favorite Films of the 2010s

As the 2010s come to a close and we humble Arts & Entertainment writers gawk at Pitchfork’s “best of” lists, we thought it useful to compile our own list of the best art of the decade. Here are our top film choices of the 2010s.  Courtesy of A24 Adesola Thomas: “Lady Bird”  I cannot warble [...]

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Naomie Harris Lauds the Cultural Significance of ‘Black and Blue’

Courtesy of Screen Gems The best films often draw attention to or deliver commentary on pressing social issues. In recent years, a growing trend in violent policing has had an adverse effect on mental health in the African American community in the United States. Deon Taylor’s “Black and Blue” aims to address this social issue [...]

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Rutgers Must Condemn Professor’s Hinduphobia

In the wake of my celebration of Diwali, one of the most popular Hindu festivals, I cannot help but consider the implications of what it means to be Hindu in America today. Universities across the country take measures to ensure that Hindu students have a way to celebrate their biggest cultural event. The diverse populations [...]

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Reasons the A&E Staff Didn’t Want to Review ‘Lover’

Courtesy of Republic As the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Wheel, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our writers cover important art releases and events both on and off Emory’s campus. When Taylor Swift released her latest album, “Lover,” I asked my entire team of writers to submit a review. No [...]

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