Aayush Gupta

Aayush Gupta (22B) is from Singapore, majoring in finance. He is passionate about soccer and is a die-hard fan of FC Barcelona. His other interests include endlessly talking about movies, international geopolitics, philosophy and dabbling in photography. Contact Gupta at [email protected]

America Must Look to the East | Global With Gupta

The 21st century is said to be the Asian Century. With increasing economic capabilities and  compromising most of the world’s population, Asian countries have ascended the ranks rapidly in terms of their soft power and geopolitical influence on a global stage. American foreign policy, however, remains antiquated and incoherent.  With arguably one of the most [...]

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TikTok Ban a Long-Overdue Response to Chinese Double-Dealing

The paradox of privacy is more obvious than ever. Ask anyone whether they value their privacy and the odds are that they do. Yet most of our online behaviors suggest otherwise. The age of social media has brought extraordinary amounts of information and entertainment to our fingertips at the expense of our personal freedoms. While [...]

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‘Tenet’ Marks Nolan’s Most Innovative Film Yet

With theaters shuttered since March, studios have opted to either postpone their summer blockbuster releases to late 2020 or 2021, or release their tentpole films on demand. Warner Bros., however, decided to continue with its planned summer release of “Tenet,” albeit with a two-month delay. It’s the first big-budget film to be released in the [...]

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#BoycottMulan Marks the Death of Disney’s Soul

Disney seems to have bid adieu to its once guiding principles of producing creative, family-friendly works of art to bring magic and joy into people’s lives. Instead, the company has chosen to exploit nostalgia for cash-grabbing behavior. “Mulan” is the latest edition in its assembly line of live-action remakes of animated classics. Originally slated for [...]

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FC Barcelona: Mess de Un Club

FC Barcelona celebrates a victory against Santos FC in 2011. Now, star player Lionel Messi plans to leave Barcelona after 20 years with the club./Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons On Aug. 14, FC Barcelona made history in their match against Bayern Munich, but for all the wrong reasons. For the first time since 1951, Barcelona lost [...]

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