“Have you ever felt lonely? Like your hollow heart’s hangin’ in the wind?”

Don’t let loneliness and a hollow heart bring you down this Valentine’s Day. It may be a lonesome and solitary day to most, and perhaps there’s no one and nothing to love. Yes, it’s a day about acknowledging loved ones and celebrating that love, but it should also be about so much more than that. It’s a time to let out the warmth of love within each and every one of us, and the music from Augustines is perfect for that!

This Valentine’s Day, Augustines will release the emotion and affection from within us all. In a world unfortunately filled with much hate and grief – from international bombings to national shootings to personal letdowns – everyone is in dire need of some positivity, hope and love. Valentine’s Day should instill in us all the importance of that simple yet powerful word: love. Take a moment to recognize everything in life that’s worth loving. Listen to Augustines and let love reign this Valentine’s Day!

Brooklyn-based indie rock band Augustines has used music to open its collective heart and release its deepest emotions. The group’s debut album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships, deals with events no one can love – from depression to the suicide of a family member. The band members, drummer Rob Allen, singer/guitarist Billy McCarthy and bassist Eric Sanderson, did not let such tragic events bring them down and bury them in a state of loneliness, hollowness and deep despair.

The band’s newest album, Augustines, was released on Feb. 4. It is an arrangement of bliss and elegance. Augustines have overcome the less-than-lovable difficulties of life and have continued to pour out their emotions on this album. It’s certainly acceptable to feel down sometimes, but listen to Augustines and rise above those negative feelings this Valentine’s Day.

The booming beats of “Kid You’re On Your Own” are advice to “take your face out of your hands.” Look up and notice that incredible person who has always been there. Maybe heartbreak has taken over, creating the feeling that “daylight [will] never come, never come.” The moving melodies of “This Ain’t Me” are a reminder that love will return again. In a state of despair? Don’t be. The soothing sounds of “Now You Are Free” emphasize that “ya gotta let go, let go of all your ghosts, ya gotta let go, or more will come around.” Life is about overcoming and despair is not permanent, it is only one emotion amongst many in life.

Augustines’ new album is ultimately the perfect means to let the love within us all shine through. Listen to Augustines and love yourself, love others and love life this Valentine’s Day.

Benazir Wehelie: Where does the name “Augustines” come from?
Rob Allen: The first album, Rise Ye Sunken Ships, covered real life topics which happened in the month of August. Also, Eric’s and Bill’s [fellow band members] birthdays’ are in the month of August. 

BW: How did Augustines develop into the band it is today?
RA: Through hard work, drive and dedication. 

BW: Who are your biggest musical influences and is there any artist you hope to collaborate with one day?
RA: We listen to many different artists from different genres, though we would love to work with Charles Bradley one day.

BW: Your previous music can be described as bittersweet, addressing difficult topics such as death, depression, alcoholism and love. What are your intentions with your newest album, Augustines?
RA:  The new album also touches on real life issues but more in the tone of hope and survival. Hopefully people react well to this record. We are very proud of what we achieved and are extremely excited to share it and play these new songs live.

BW: What is the meaning behind the song “Cruel City”?
RA:  Our love-hate relationship with New York City. It has gone through some major changes, like gentrification in recent years and for your average person, living in NYC is very tough, especially if you are an artist.

BW: While cities can be challenging to live in sometimes, what are your favorite cities to play in? Where have you not performed before that you one day hope to?
RA:  My favorite place to play is Berlin, Germany. It’s such a magical place. Hopefully we’ll get to play Australia. That’s one of our dreams.

BW: People really connect with your music emotionally. What has been your most rewarding experience as musicians?
RA:  We did some wonderful work with Amnesty International and American Civil Liberties Union. That was pretty special. Also, the experience of Reading Festival was pretty mind blowing.

BW: You’re currently on your Walkabout tour until April. What are you looking forward to doing after this tour ends?
RA:  Going back on tour!

–By Benazir Wehelie