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College senior Lauren Wiener (Above) did not initially plan to be a Film Studies major. She discovered her passion for film when she took a film class to fulfill a writing requirement during her freshman year. / Photo courtesy of Austin Fuss

The Emory Wheel: Describe the Film Studies major in five words.
Lauren Wiener: Great teachers, amazing resources, screenings.

The Emory Wheel: What is the most challenging course you have had to take for your major?
LW: I took Contemporary Film Theory one semester. It definitely wasn’t easy, but it’s mandatory for the major. I learned a lot about film, things I never knew existed. I learned to question things I never knew could be questioned.

The Emory Wheel: When did you realize Film Studies was the right major for you?
LW: When I was a freshman, every single writing requirement class was full except Intro to Film. So I took it, fell in love with it and decided to pursue it.

The Emory Wheel: What is the best part of your major?
LW: I love being able to see so many different types of films I would never be exposed to otherwise. I could watch a Japanese film one week and an American classic the week after.

The Emory Wheel: Are you pursuing a concentration?
LW: Actually, I’m pursuing a concentration in the Goizueta Business School, more specifically the Film and Media Management collaboration. In my opinion, it’s one of the best programs that Emory runs. With this concentration, you also have access to all the amazing resources within the business school.

The Emory Wheel: Does Film Studies support study abroad?
LW: Yes, the film studies pro- gram offers film classes anywhere. Specifically, there is a great program in Hong Kong. During my junior year, I chose to study in Prague at FAMU, one of the oldest film schools in the world.

The Emory Wheel: Where do you see yourself career-wise in five years?
LW: Ideally, I would like to work in film marketing, helping to promote movies.

The Emory Wheel: Do you have any advice for those who may be on the fence about a Film Studies major?
LW: Speak to professor Eddy von Mueller. You’ll want to fill out your major paperwork on the spot.

The Emory Wheel: What is your favorite film?
LW: I know it sounds corny but I love “The Lion King.” But more recently, I have really enjoyed “Boyhood” and “Her.”

The Emory Wheel: What are you watching on Netflix now?
LW: “The Office.” I don’t know where I was from 2005-2013, but I’m finally catching up now.

– By Elyssa Brezel, Contributing Writer