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On Sept. 29, Emory Police Department (EPD) officers apprehended a former Emory student after a Resident Advisor complained that there was a suspicious person inside a room at Clairmont Tower.

Rashidi Virgo, who transferred to Emory from Oxford and spent his last semester enrolled at Emory in fall 2013, was found to be occupying the room.

According to EPD Detective Anthony Refour, Virgo was able to obtain a master key card, which allowed him to gain entry to the building. The key card allowed him to enter Clairmont Tower.

EPD has had previous incidents in the past with Virgo while he was a student at Emory, Refour stated.

“Virgo was a suspect in multiple cases back in April and May,” Refour said.

When officers arrived on the scene, they found the door to the room open and were able to determine that items inside the room belonged to Virgo.

Officers smelled marijuana inside the room and found three laptops and two iPhones. Officers were able to later confirm that two of the laptops were stolen. They were unable to confirm whether the phones were stolen, but they believe they were.

According to Refour, Virgo admitted to stealing the laptops, and he received three felony charges: two counts of burglary and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.

Virgo was transported to DeKalb County Jail and has been released on $8,000 bond.

– By Brandon Fuhr, Crime Beat Writer

These stories reflect the information provided by EPD to the Wheel. Anyone who has additional information regarding these cases can contact EPD Sergeant Williams or Detective Refour at 404-727-6115.