Alumni Spotlight

Elizabeth “EB” Pruett

Once a month, the Wheel will feature a notable or interesting University alum talking about their time at Emory, its impact on their post-graduation life and advice for current students.


Elizabeth ‘EB’ Pruett graduated Emory in 2013 with a B.A. in Anthropology and French Studies.

She currently lives in Atlanta and works as a Business Analyst and Account Manager for Digital Scientists, a digital innovation company. She also runs a fashion blog, “EB Rue”. EB sat down with the Wheel to discuss her time at Emory, how it affected her life and offered tips for current Emory students.


Wheel: What were you involved with around campus when you were at Emory?

Pruett: There are several things that hold special places in my heart that I did as an undergrad. One of my favorites was The Gathering a cappella group, where I also served as the public relations chair. I also was the Women’s Fashion Editor for Her Campus Emory. I was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and was Public Relations Chair, Spirit Chair and Song Chair over the course of three and a half years (EB was also runner-up for the National Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award in 2013, the highest collegiate honor of Alpha Delta Pi).

My senior year, I was the Assistant VP of Communications for College Council, on the Senior Experience Committee and Class Day Committee for the Emory Alumni Association and participated in the Professional Student Panel hosted by the Emory Center for Women that featured seven senior women who exemplify leadership, perseverance and a commitment to success.

Finally, I created the Dean for a Day program with [Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life] Ajay Nair at Emory, which allows students the opportunity to step into the role of Dean of Campus Life for a day to see the behind-the-scenes of Emory. It is used as a way to promote transparency between the administration and the student body and is the first of its kind on an undergraduate campus.

Wheel: How did Emory prepare you for your post-graduation life in the “real world”?

Pruett: Emory prepared me for the real world in many ways, and instilled in me a determined work ethic and drive that have been incredibly rewarding since graduating. The project management skills I learned have also been invaluable. In college, I was a member of many clubs on top of class, doing school work, research and still having a good time and socializing, so I learned a lot about time management and organization. That has served me well in my current role with Digital Scientists since I manage multiple clients, projects and accounts!

Wheel: What do you miss the most about Emory?

Pruett: I miss the people and the spirit! It was so nice always having friends around, someone to see or something to do. I also miss how accessible programs and perks are – like free concerts, free library access or mentoring help!

Wheel: What advice do you have for current Emory students?

Pruett: College is such a fun and exciting time in life – take advantage of it!  Emory offers countless opportunities to learn and enrich one’s life – from classes, clubs, concerts, the student body, etc. Use this time to explore your beliefs, ideas, challenge yourself and meet new people. It is rare to have all of these resources at your fingertips – use them!

Wheel: What is one thing you wish you knew as an Emory student you can pass down?

Pruett: Find an upperclassman student mentor!  They can help you with everything from OPUS and class registration freshman year, to job and grad school applications senior year. It is great having an older resource who can show you the ropes and can give you great insight into Emory. Also, two of my favorite events at Emory were First Fridays and Lessons & Carols – I highly recommend going at least once!

–By Stephen Fowler, Assistant News Editor