For most people, Saturday night means hanging out with friends, partying or sleeping early. This was not necessarily the case for the entity we discovered on Dec. 1, 2012, at 1 a.m. We found two individuals dressed up in a strange costume indeed: a big black cloak which covered both of them and a bicycle helmet attached on a stick. Readers familiar with the animated film Spirited Away would notice the costume’s similarity to the character No-Face. The costumed individuals casually chilled on Asbury Circle in front of McTyeire Hall, to the wonder and confusion of many a passerby.

We dubbed this entity “Bob.” Despite his slightly creepy countenance, Bob was a friendly and agreeable guy. He loved meeting new people, and his head would dip excitedly when he did. Bob was accommodating when it came to pictures, pulling off a great sorority squat and even dancing to “Gangnam Style” with us! We felt a great love for Bob, but unfortunately Bob did not appreciate public displays of affections. How did we know that there were two people under there? When we tried to give Bob a group hug, there were definitely more than two hands fighting for us to get off. Another group of people tried to unmask Bob, chasing him down to the DUC terraces, but that’s when Bob chose to remind us that he had four feet.

We tried to talk to Bob, but he would never speak. His only form of communication was movement of his head, which stopped when we asked questions about who was under the cloak. We tried to understand why Bob was there and got fervent nods when we asked if it was to show that appearances were deceiving, but not very much excitement when we asked if it was a sociology experiment. Even though he didn’t look it, Bob was a nice guy, but we’ll never know exactly who he was or why he was doing what he was doing. Hats off to you Bob, and thank you for an interesting night!

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