Mortals, Mortals, Mortals,

I creep from my grave, no longer shackled by the cold of winter, to find the blue skies of Atlanta we so love. The icicles have melted and our toes have defrosted, but the memories of Snowpocalypse 2014 stay with us. Oh, how much fun you had sledding down the hills in Lullwater with trays from the DUC (you have better returned those by now). But, O Joy!

Spring is here!

My dear campus has never been more beautiful, and we have much to be proud of at Emory. It truly has been good to be back. Be sure to take a moment amongst the celebration to revisit why our dear University is such a special place. Look to our community, strong and diverse, for inspiration in your quest to make life at Emory the best it can be.

Although my week of frolics must come to an end, I feel it is my duty to thank the tireless leaders of our Student Programming Council who so diligently serve our University. I would also like to recognize the countless other administrators and staff who dedicate their time to make this celebration possible. They make many a sacrifice so that we may come together for the best week of the year. Indeed, it might also be prudent to thank our Emergency Medical Services in helping those of you who foolishly celebrate Emory a little too enthusiastically this year. I eagerly await next Spring, when I shall return to campus to celebrate the University that I love. In the meantime, young mortals, I charge each of you to unleash your greatest potential for kindness, love and compassion. Bones may break and bodies may whither, but what is truly eternal are the bonds between us. Know that your time on earth is short and should be lived to the fullest. Such as I am now, so soon all shall be.


And may you always remember…

Presidents may come, and Presidents may go.

Professors may come, and professors may go.

Students may come, and Students may go.


But Dooley lives on forever!

Eternally Yours,

Lord James W. Dooley