The University has appointed Rosemary Magee, the vice president and secretary of the University, as the director of Emory’s Manuscripts, Archives and Rare Book Library (MARBL).

She will replace current director Ginger Smith, who in addition to holding several other roles within the University’s library system, has been serving as a temporary director of MARBL.

Magee will also continue to hold her vice president and secretary position for this year. She will migrate full-time to her position as MARBL director next year once the University finds a replacement for her current position.

Magee said the decision to become MARBL director comes as a confluence of her own personal interests and the need for a permanent director at MARBL.

With the appointment of Magee, Smith will now focus on external affairs at Emory University Libraries. Magee added that she and Smith have worked together in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Magee, who holds a Ph.D. in literature and religion from Emory’s Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, has conducted research on several of MARBL’s featured authors, including Flannery O’Connor and Salman Rushdie.

In addition, she has been involved with the acquisition of papers and rare books to the University.

Magee has also conducted a series of “Creativity Conversations,” which are discussions about the origins and nature of the creative process, with several international literary figures.

“All those things came together in a really magnificent fashion,” Magee said. “It provided a great opportunity for me, and also I hope for MARBL.”

She said MARBL is a unique and important resource for Emory students because the collection is “an essential cornerstone of the Emory University community.”

According to Magee, MARBL provides access to materials of great thinkers, artists and historical figures.

“I would really encourage all students to become well-acquainted with these materials,” she said.

Magee said that decisions about the next vice president and secretary of the University have yet to be discussed. However, University President James W. Wagner plans to make this decision at some point this year.

Magee said she is eager to accept her new position as MARBL director.

“I feel deeply honored. It’s both wonderful and meaningful for me professionally as well as personally,” Magee said.

– By Harmeet Kaur

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