With the closure of many clothing stores and limited capacity in those that remain open, online shopping has taken center stage. This, in combination with our tendency to fantasize about a COVID-free world where we are all style icons, has led to a phenomenon I like to call “online shopping for the future.” If you’re looking to cope with your shopping addiction without the risk of in-store browsing, below is a list of five online clothing websites to get your wardrobe ready when you finally leave your house. 


Scouring Depop is like searching for treasure: a bit laborious, but worth the effort to find a steal. Launched in 2011, the online store allows you to second-hand shop and recycle what someone may call “old” clothing, which is becoming ever more important for the environment and in today’s fashion scene. My tip for sorting through the overwhelming number of items is to find a handful of reliable sellers who frequently update their selections. Buying from select sellers means you take less of a risk with each purchase because you know the quality and authenticity of the products. A few of my personal favorites are: @deconleecarlson, @alicefletchdf, @manymanyclothes and @judelangley. Happy thrifting. 

Sophie Gern (24C) wearing an Urban Outfitters summer dress (Sophie Gern).

Urban Outfitters 

Urban Outfitters is the quintessential go-to. With fast shipping and high quality items, it’s perfect for the shopper in need of a last minute basic. However, Urban isn’t necessarily the place to find a unique item, or anything budget-friendly. Its audience being mostly teenage girls means that you’re likely to be one among thousands of owners of a single t-shirt. Unlike the rest of the stores on this list, however, Urban Outfitters also sells home, lifestyle and beauty items. Its multifunctionality is one of the best aspects of the website; when you order a shirt you can add in a cute throw pillow or new phone case, and who doesn’t want that? 


Reformation is the most expensive store on this list, but for good reason. Every item I’ve invested in has been worth the price due to the high quality of their products and the sustainable production. RefScale is Reformation’s effort to track their environmental footprint, namely carbon dioxide and water use. They also calculate how their products help reduce environmental impacts compared to other U.S. clothing companies. It’s not the place for a quick turnaround sort of purchase — these pieces are special. The money’s worth it in the effort to be environmentally conscious. 

Reformation is perfect for a beautiful top or dress that you will own and wear for life. I purchased their Orangerie Dress last summer and it served as the perfect versatile dress: stunning for both day and night. Reformation also produces comfortable, high quality jeans that have a wide range of fits for any body shape. Like the rest of Reformation’s products, these jeans are built to last. Don’t be surprised if your five-year-old pair comes out of the wash looking good as new. Check Reformation out if you’re looking to invest. 

Isabelle’s Cabinet 

This website is probably the least known of the ones mentioned, which is what I love about it. Isabelle’s Cabinet is a boutique store with two locations in California, yet it has a vast online selection. This means you can get a small store shopping experience online, which is quite rare. Due to the California-chique aesthetic of the clothes, it’s a great option for summer and spring as they specialize in floral tops, flowy dresses and pastel colored mini skirts. If you’re looking to expand your warm weather wardrobe, this is the perfect place. 


UNIF is the store I would recommend to someone who’s looking to add some quirky and edgy pieces to their wardrobe. UNIF achieves a certain ‘90s grunge aesthetic that’s all the rage right now. I highly recommend their tank top selection and their plain basic tops with small, cute icons like sewn into them. UNIF also has a great selection of boots, but beware — many of them have incredibly chunky soles. If that’s your style, then UNIF is the spot for you. UNIF also has the easiest website to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. 


Whether building your shopping habits or just starting now, this list should help you make the most of online shopping. Go vintage and original with Depop, or play it safe with Urban Outfitters. Either way, you’ll look amazing when you step out into the COVID-free world.