Hershey’s Kisses, Lindt Lindor truffles, Peeps and Starbursts have all reinvented their sweets to fit the Valentine’s Day theme./Maya Deogun, Contributing Writer

Ah, Valentine’s Day, the day when couples happily buy each other chocolates and roses, and lonely singles take advantage of discounted candy. I tasted four Valentine-themed candies so you could decide which one is the best for your lover — or for the tastiest solo Netflix binge.

Hershey’s Lava Cake Kisses (5/5)

As the name alone suggests, Kisses evoke a sense of romance. Even the wrapping — metallic brown with pink heart-shaped embellishments — mimics the aura of the beloved and warm lava cake Valentine’s Day dinner dessert.

The treats do live up to their name. One bite breaks the crisp, dark chocolate exterior and gives way to a rich, liquid dark chocolate filling. Hershey’s has once again succeeded in producing a delicious Valentine’s Day candy that doesn’t feel gimmicky. A 9-ounce bag for just $3.69 is well worth the investment and this new twist on a classic chocolate left me wanting more.

Lindt Lindor Limited Edition Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles (4.5/5) 

Lindt Lindor Strawberries and Cream White Chocolate Truffles come wrapped in a metallic pink foil that festively marks the holiday. Within a white chocolate shell speckled with dried strawberry pieces lies a faintly pink and silky filling of strawberries and cream truffle. This truffle’s light strawberry filling is a tasty change from the traditional milk chocolate truffle offered by Lindt. 

My only complaint is the overwhelming sweetness. The combination of an already saccharine white chocolate shell with the decadent filling makes for a sugary combination that a glass of water cannot quench. Despite the sweetness, the flavors complement each other nicely and are sure to impress anyone’s sweet tooth. Though a 6-ounce bag of truffles for $4.79 errs slightly on the expensive side, it makes for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift that still manages to toe the line of luxury.

Peeps Vanilla Creme Marshmallow Hearts (2/5) 

Typically enjoyed during Easter, Peeps has reinvented heart-shaped renditions of their trademark chick for the holiday. The white marshmallows are sprinkled with pink sugar. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day Peeps pale in comparison to their traditional counterparts when it comes to coating. The noticeable absence of sugar on the Peeps means they lack the crucial contrast between the crunch of the sugar and pillowy softness of the marshmallow. Despite the relative lack of sugar coating, the Valentine’s Day Peeps are just as sweet as the original, owed in part to the already sickening marshmallow. I did appreciate that these Peeps weren’t the usual, unappetizing neon colors. At $1.39 for a pack of 3-ounce Peeps, the marshmallows are definitely budget friendly, but probably not the right choice.

Starburst Heart-Shaped Jellybeans (3/5)

Starburst has strayed completely from their typical chewy candy with heart-shaped jelly beans. These cute candies come in an 11-ounce pink bag for just $2.99. The jelly beans come in two different flavors — bright pink strawberry and deep red cherry. The concept of these jelly beans rings in the holiday beautifully with the heart shape and Valentine’s Day-themed colors. 

However, each jellybean is a bit large and takes a while to chew due to the tough consistency. The strawberry flavor is quite syrupy, while the cherry has a tart, sour flavor. I found myself wishing that the package offered a greater variety of flavors, like watermelon or raspberry, which would still keep with the pink and red theme. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a gummy Valentine’s Day candy, this might satisfy your fix. Personally, I’ll be sticking to chocolate. 


A plethora of Valentine’s Day-themed candy options line the shelves, but not all of them will leave you saying, “Be mine.” Hershey’s Lava Cake Kisses are the way to go this Valentine’s Day if you are wanting to woo your significant other with its tough exterior and creamy interior. Save the Peeps Marshmallow Hearts for Easter, for they are sure to end your relationship. If there is no lover in your present, treat yourself to some delicacies and live through the relationships in Netflix shows.