Food Advisory Committee at Emory (FACE) announced service hour changes for Bhojanic Market, a new custom sandwich station at the DUC-ling and that nut milk is available for sale in Cox Hall at its first public meeting of the Spring 2018 semester Tuesday night.

Indian restaurant Bhojanic Market’s closing hours have been changed from 7 p.m. to 5 p.m. because there was not much demand after 5 p.m., FACE co-chair Robert Gershowitz (18B) said.

Emory Dining added a custom sandwich bar in the DUC-ling due to student demands, Gershowitz said. There was a similar station in the demolished Dobbs University Center (DUC), at which workers custom-made sandwich and wrap orders. When the DUC-ling opened Summer 2017, pre-made sandwiches were offered for a short period. The new DUC-ling station allows diners to make and toast their own sandwiches, although options are more limited than those previously available in the DUC.

The food stations in the DUC-ling were re-organized to accommodate a better flow of traffic, according to Gershowitz.

FACE and Emory Dining heard and responded to student complaints and suggestions.

Several students complained about the high prices of food around campus. A student said that efforts to ensure a sustainable campus and pay workers higher wages have resulted in an increase in food prices that disadvantage students of low socioeconomic status. An Emory Dining staff member responded that pricing is established by a collaboration between the vendor and Emory Dining.

Other students complained about the accuracy of food labels in the DUC-ling. One student said he saw a DUC-ling worker pouring a tub labeled canola oil into a container labeled olive oil. Another said that feta cheese was misidentified as tofu.

Students also discussed trash bins and their placements. One student complained about the removal of trash bins immediately outside the first floor of Cox Hall, stating that it caused inconvenience. Assistant Director of Emory Dining Mark Seals said that the bins are strategically placed but did not elaborate on why the bins were removed. Seals said Dining would look into the situation again and could bring the bins back if appropriate.

Another person questioned which trash receptacle he should use to dispose of used gum. Emory Dining staff said that used gum can go in green compost bins.

Phillip Greenfield (18C) said he came to the Valentine’s Day-themed dinner because his friend told him about it.

“It was my first time and I thought it was great,” Greenfield said. “[The catered food] was very good.”