Now that winter has ended and spring has finally begun, it’s time to exchange your heavy coat for fresh clothes. Those looking to stay on trend this spring and not break the bank should look no further than this article. As a self-proclaimed online shopping expert, I find myself endlessly adding items to online shopping baskets and trying to find the best deals. My eyes are bigger than my wallet, yet I still enjoy the idea of having a constant clothing wishlist. Not to mention, if you shop online you can stay in bed and explore without the hassle of seeing other humans.

The majority of trends this spring align with a late 70s to early 80s theme. My closet is already stocked with outfit replicas from Stranger Things (I’m a huge fan of Barb’s style). Trends for spring include bright colors, paisley prints, ruffles, loungewear and, last but certainly not least, jumpsuits.

The first online store to check out is Zara, with its on-trend tops, pants and skirts costing at most $70. The Zara store only carries about half of what is offered online. My favorites from Zara’s collection include the “frilled gingham shirt” with a ruffle around the collar and three-quarter puff sleeves ending with a simple cuff: rephrased, a stylish picnic blanket for your torso. For loungewear, Zara carries a variety of on-trend sweatshirts, for example the “fringed sweatshirt.” It’s the sweatshirt for those days when you wake up five minutes before class, but still want to walk in looking like Stevie Nicks.

Try Topshop next, where the clothes are just as trendy but for a prettier penny. Shirts can reach $55 and jeans around $70. And without further ado, let’s dive into some denim. Currently, Topshop is spotlighting embroidered jeans, jean skirts and jean jackets. The pink and red embroidered flowers blossoming on the variety of washed jeans are a great spring option. Topshop also sells iron-on patches to customize your denim, and there is nothing I love more than customization. Slap “Hallie” on a T-shirt, and I’m yours. Long, bright sweatshirts are also all the rage this season. From what Yeezy taught me, I’d wear one of those sweatshirts reaching down to my ankles over pants. But if you prefer no pants at all, don’t let me hold you back.

The last and most expensive store is some pieces are investments, and the clothes are created by independent designers from around the world made with high quality materials. One of the first items that caught my eye — because of the color and my passion for all things lace-up — is a lace-up sweater in a chocolaty pumpkin color with the catchy name “casual high low long sleeve knitted lace up sweater.” If you’re looking for a stunner of an outfit, check out the “Coffee Plain Pockets Vintage Jumpsuit.” Not only will it flatter all body types, but this jumpsuit also looks surprisingly similar to the beloved United Postal Service (UPS) uniform. It will have people saying “hubba hubba” and “do they work for UPS?” at the same time.

Go and find a frilly shirt that makes your heart sing. Once you do, meet Kelso, Donna and me in the basement of the library, because we’ve kicked Forman out, and you’re in.