Elections Guide

The Emory Wheel asked each candidate for SGA President and Vice President, College Council President and Vice President and BBA Council President to submit a 150-word platform.

Elections will be held from March 17 at 8 p.m. to March 19 at 8 p.m. Runoff elections will be held from March 23 at 8 p.m. to March 25 at 8 p.m. if necessary.

Campaigning will be limited to digital forms. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

SGA President

Rachel Ding

Hi, my name is Rachel Ding (she/her) and I’m running to be your Student Government Association President. I’ve spent my time at Emory as Oxford SGA President and Emory SGA Speaker, and I am seeking the opportunity to serve our community one more time alongside Amon Pierson. Amon and I recognize where Emory falls short and we want to create systemic change through inclusive leadership. That’s why our campaign focuses on three passion points: Equity, Visibility & Advocacy. We’ve worked with students and administrators in many different capacities and are connected to diverse constituencies within the student body. Our combined experience ​both inside and outside student government uniquely positions us to be effective institutional allies and coalition-builders for students. We are so excited to hear from you, so please visit our platform at dingpierson.com and reach out! Together, we can achieve this and more. Thank you.

Rhea Kumar

Hello Emory! My name is Rhea Kumar, and I am running for the President of SGA. My past three years of Student Government Association have consisted of serving as an elected first-year legislator, second-year legislator, and Executive Vice President of the Emory Goizueta BBA Council. In SGA, I have served on the Electoral Reform Committee and Governing Documents Committee, while advocating for initiatives such as the free-printing and dining initiative, which were all designed to improve each student’s experiences at Emory. This past year, serving on the University Student Leadership Council motivated me to create a more unified Emory, with every student-led group and divisional council having opportunities to blend and develop long-lasting friendships with each other. Incorporating aspect of each student’s vision for next year, Nick I strive to create the “perfect” Emory. I hope to continue designing bills and initiatives that create a supportive, accepting, and enthusiastic community.

Mo Singhal

Hi! My name is Mo Singhal and I’m excited to be running for SGA President. I’ve spent the past three years in SGA as a legislator and Ranking Member, and I can’t wait to build on my expertise and make SGA as efficient and driven in serving the student body as possible. My running mate, Alyssa, and I have been so lucky to work on important initiatives such as creating work-study jobs, decreasing the SAF to unburden students, and implementing the Anti-Racist Reading List. Our platform is based on decreasing financial hardship for students, promoting inclusivity at Emory, connecting students with existing resources, and evolving SGA to match student needs. We strongly believe that these four pillars will move SGA and Emory forward in its mission to help students like never before. Visit our platform at moandalyssa.com to find out more and give us feedback on our platform! Thank you.

SGA Vice President

Amon Pierson

Hello! I am Amon Pierson and I am running for the Student Government Association Vice President with Rachel Ding! My experience as the president of the Black Student Alliance, one of the largest Black organizations on campus, and Vice President of Student Affairs on College Council makes me the best candidate for VP of SGA. Our platform: Equity, Visibility, and Advocacy,  actively tackles the systemic and structural issues at Emory by creating a space for all students and communities to proactively ensure their voices are not only part of University decision-making, but drive these conversations as a whole. With initiatives such as the establishment of CAMP, the Coalition for the Advocacy of Marginalized Peoples and releasing portions of Course Evaluations, we hope to lead the change that is occurring before our eyes.

Nick Paschetto

Hi! My name is Nick Paschetto, and I’m running for Vice President of the 55th SGA. I’ve been involved in student government at Emory as VP of Oxford SGA in 2019-2020 and currently as the Emory SGA Chief-of-Staff. At Oxford, I pioneered initiatives oriented toward student mental health, cultivating club culture, and facilitating leadership among student leaders. As Chief-of-Staff, I’ve represented the student body in the University Senate, made headway in general body engagement, and worked to support executive committee members toward a variety of initiatives. As Rhea and I think about the year ahead, we hope to “reimagine” ways to vitalize campus life, create a community of equity and support, and act as a bridge to connect students with resources and funding. Student feedback and dialogue is crucial to this process, so please join us in sharing your vision for the “perfect” Emory at rheanick2021.com.

Alyssa Stegall

Hi everyone! I’m Alyssa Stegall and I’m excited to run for Emory SGA’s Executive Vice President. Currently, as Oxford-Atlanta Liaison, I’m a legislator in Emory SGA, and am a part of the Communications and Oxford-Atlanta Relations Committees. In addition, I’m also a member of Oxford SGA’s Legislative Branch. This year, I’ve listened and responded to student concerns. Some initiatives my running mate, Mo, and I have worked on and seen through just in the past six months include having a $0 Student Activities Fee for Spring 2021 and implementing the Anti-Racist Reading List. Our platform highlights our desire to connect the 4 undergraduate schools at Emory by building bridges between all students. We plan to do this in 4 ways: decreasing financial hardship, promoting inclusivity, connecting students with resources, and evolving SGA to match student needs. Visit our website moandalyssa.com to see how we envision ways to Connect 4 Emory.

College Council President

Akash Kurupassery

Hi, I’m Akash. I want to be your College Council President because I am passionate about serving you. As RHA President, I have developed a leadership style that is centered on compassion and efficacy. I will use these skills to lead a College Council that is exciting, innovative, and accessible to all students. I have a concrete platform consisting of 36 actions that I will take as CC president which will enhance the student experience. My platform centers on the five pillars of promoting club accessibility, upgrading student government, listening to student feedback, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, and increasing resource access for students. Three tangible items from my platform include creating a multicultural arts fund, providing clubs with lectures, workshops, and resources, and creating a mutual aid fund. You can read my full platform and all of my ideas at akash2021.com.

Megan Yang

Hello, my name is Megan Yang and I’m a third year in the College as well as an Oxford graduate. This spring I am running to be your College Council President to create a home for all students. I served as Sophomore Senator and Chair of the Arts & Academics Committee on Oxford SGA. I’m currently the Secretary for the 54th SGA, and a member of the Oxford/Atlanta Relations Committee. My platform revolves around creating community, reinstating traditions, and fostering student leadership through all-campus events and establishing a database for a variety programs such as Social Justice Education, SAPA, and Safe Space training; strengthening alumni/student engagement and leveraging peer networks; and reviving the arts as well as emphasizing the liberal arts experience. Check out more details of why I’m running at my Facebook page: https://tinyurl.com/yangforcc. I’m so excited to give back to the Emory community for what it’s provided me.

College Council Vice President

Riya Mehta

My name is Riya Mehta, and I am a third-year student at Emory. As the VP of Communications of the 65th College Council, I have contributed to university-wide initiatives including weekly communications to the student body, working to create No Assignment Week, facilitating discussion at ECAS Town Halls, and advocating to cancel classes on Election Day. As Vice President, I will drive concrete change in the Emory community regarding COVID-19 by putting the safety of students first with the addition of mask dispensers around campus. Furthermore, I will work towards a more inclusive campus by including transfers and Oxford students in more first-year welcome events such as Songfest and the Coca-Cola Toast. Lastly, I aim to strengthen collaboration by hosting more joint events between organizations and College Council and creating a committee dedicated to organizational outreach. Share your thoughts: http://bit.ly/feedback4riya; full platform: http://bit.ly/riya4vp.

BBA Council President

Michelle He

Hi, my name is Michelle He and I’m running for President of BBA Council. I’ve spent the last year serving on SGA and BBA Council as an SGA Representative. In this role, I’ve been able to work directly with members of each divisional council to advocate for BBA student needs. In the coming year, I want to use these experiences and insights to build a better BBA experience for all Goizueta students. My approach is based on three defining pillars: 1) Diversity, 2) Community, and 3) Leadership. Specifically, my platform is comprised of key initiatives aiming to 1) intentionally foster an equitable and inclusive Goizueta experience, 2) increase accessibility to Goizueta clubs & opportunities, and 3) build a bridge between BBA Council & BBA students through increased transparency. I hope you’ll consider reading my platform (https://tinyurl.com/Michelle4BBA) and learning more about my goals for the upcoming year. Thank you!

Candidate platforms compiled by Anjali Huynh. Webpage designed by Cailen Chinn and Gabriella Lewis.