Spring semester began with an unexpected cold this year, declaring its arrival with two consecutive snow days. Though The Weather Channel predicts temperatures in Atlanta will rise throughout the week, lows are still expected to dip down to the 30s and upper 20s. But that doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to a life of sweatshirts and sweatpants. Stay warm and fashionable this winter with some of this season’s hottest fashion tips.


As always, form-fitting jeans and leggings are everywhere on campus, but this year also sees the grand return of wide-leg pants. If they’re dark enough (look for a deep navy), they can pass as both work casual and weekend wear. Pair them with a crop top or tuck in a long sleeve shirt, and feel free to add on a belt.

For a sleek, professional look, consider wearing one color from top to bottom. Some of the most striking monochrome outfits are all black, all grey and all white. For a more relaxed look, go for denim. Corduroy is also popular and its warmth will help keep out that winter chill. You can find these just about anywhere, with more affordable options at Zara and pricier ones at Rosie Assoulin.


Boots are still the winter favorite, though this year sees the reintroduction of  2000s-era slouch boots, a (usually) heeled leather boot with a bunched up look. Paired best with skinny jeans, they’re available at ankle height to over the knee often in brown, red and black — though this year Yves Saint Laurent immortalized them in rhinestone. Shimmery boots can be seen throughout social media, coming in silver, gold, pink and sequins. Cowboy-esque boots are also making the rounds, along with tall, bold red boots. For stylish looks that won’t completely deflate your wallet, try Steve Madden or New Look.


Short puffer jackets are in this winter, and understandably so since they are effective at keeping out the winter chill. A big trend about 15 years ago, they’ve returned with more voluminous sleeves than ever, coming in both bold and toned down colors. Slightly unzip the coat for a laid back look. Try Uniqlo or H&M if you’re looking for quality at a fair price point, or P.E Nation for a sporty look. The fashion world is also trending toward classic, quilt padded coats, which often come in relaxed dark plaids or sterling silver, announcing its preference for comfort. People are also branching out to multicolored fur for the lining of their jackets, or even the jackets themselves. And, as seen on Milan and Paris runways, coats and sweaters are also adopting the cape effect, with the fabric draped long in the back and around the sides.


This winter sees the arrival of all sorts of sweaters, from oversized turtlenecks to form-fitting getups. Creative knitting patterns are particularly popular this year, with patterns branching out in all sorts of twists for a unique, cozy look. Tops are popular in a variety of prints this year, including galactic-themed prints, scarf prints (think floral, bandana patterns), polka dots (black and white only, though) gray check and leopard print. Pair tops as well as coats with matching belts, particularly wide belts, according to Vogue. Checkered flannel is also everywhere, and can be worn unbuttoned for the ultimate carefree look. These styles can be bought just about anywhere, including American Eagle, Lands’ End and Free People.


While beanies and knit hats are classic winter wear, this year also brings the introduction of berets and furry hats in all sorts of colors. Vogue suggests matching the headwear with the color and pattern scheme of the rest of the outfit. For a wide selection of looks, try Topshop, ASOS or Forever 21.


Trends this winter are seeing a turn for comfort and boldness, with bright reds and glitter highlighting the winter trends though the fabric and shape tend toward softer and more relaxed looks. Whether you’re looking to branch out or just stay warm, try these tips to stay cozy and fashionable this season.