Being married to the person you love the most is one of the true blessings we have in life, yet divorce is still a trend in many countries. But how do people come to this point after long years together? The marital bonds should become even stronger between the two who are in love, so why do people split up? How can one notice the signs of an unhappy relationship and take action to improve them? Find out in our post. 

1. Sex fades away

The first thing that should make you think about miserable marriage is the absence of sex, especially if you used to have it often. Therefore, analyze your sexual life in marriage and ask yourself whether you are satisfied with the quality and frequency of sex, how caring and attentive your partner is, and whether you want to change anything. If either of the couples can’t even remember when their last sex happened, it’s one of the signs someone is unhappy in their marriage.

2. You don’t talk anymore

The second sign that your marriage is in trouble is when you notice that you lack topics for discussion. If you are not interested in one another, you will not want to share the details of your day: your ups and downs, accomplishments, funny situations, troubles, etc. Besides this, you may feel that your partner just doesn’t want to talk with you at all, e.g. even discussing the last movie they watched. What you can do about it is offered to spend more quality time together to have something to talk about. 

3. The humor is out of your communication

The next sign that should make you worried is the lack of laughter and jokes. Even if you were not married to a top TV comedian, you probably had a lot of positivity and humor at the start of your marital life. Thus, when it fades away, you can say that your interactions have become less productive and pleasant. If you don’t want your marriage to fail, think about bringing old jokes to your communication. 

4. You get irritated by everything they do

Living with the same partner for years helps us to know each other more and this can become a problem over time: you start noticing that the things that you loved about the person at the beginning of your relationship irritate you in the end. You may feel that you hate the way your partner talks, cooks, cleans up their table, and even breathes. What can you do about it? Probably, nothing when it comes to such an intense level of hatred. 

5. You feel abandoned

Another sign you should pay attention to is the feeling of neglect that your partner brings you regularly. But before you conclude that you feel quite lonely in marriage with this person and file for divorce online, ask yourself whether you make enough effort to communicate with them. Maybe, your husband or wife doesn’t want to invite you on dates because you are constantly dissatisfied with their ideas on common pastimes or deny their every step toward you. 

On the contrary, if you are the one to make attempts to diversify your everyday life with your spouse while they stay restrained, it’s time to have a sincere talk on where your relationship is going and whether you should stay together. 

6. Cheating happened

If either of you cheated on their partner and you as a couple decided to accept it and stay together after that, it is important, to be honest with each other. If you said that you forgave your spouse for the infidelity but cannot let it go, it means that it hurts you deeply. In such a situation, you can either try the family and marriage therapist sessions to build up the trust in your couple once again or break up with your wife or husband forever. 

7. There are no arguments and sincerity anymore

People often think that having heated discussions in marriage is bad; however, the absence of such talks is even worse. In the moment when you have no desire to discuss things and find a common language if your opinions are different can be considered the start of your relationship failure. The couple who is willing to argue has all chances to work all the problems out, but the couple where no one wants to talk anymore is doomed. 

8. You can’t commit

If you feel like a commitment to your partner has become an unbearable burden, your marriage is likely to need rethinking and changing. Although old monogamy may not be for everyone nowadays, if you believe that having one partner per lifetime is humble and respectful, you can try to live by such a standard. At the same time, if you accept the opinion that having open marriage may strengthen your bond with your partner and help you appreciate each other more, you can avoid divorce and improve your family life. 

9. You have different goals

At some point in your marital life, you may find out that your wife or husband has different values and goals. They can want to live their life child-free while you are dreaming of two kids, they can be eager to travel the world while you want to stay in your neighborhood for life, etc. The more drastic your differences are, the higher are the chances of your marriage failure. 

10. You feel that you are attracted to others more than to your partner

Finally, the last sign that should make you worried about the quality of your marital life is the stronger attraction to other people than to your husband or wife. Once you discover that you like flirting with other men or women more and dream about cheating on your spouse at least emotionally, it’s time to pay closer attention to your relationship. If you want to stay together for years, it is important to cultivate mutual admiration constantly.

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