Emory University Statement

President Jim Wagner and Emory College Dean Robin Forman are meeting with a representative group of students on Dec. 7 to continue a conversation that began at a meeting in the President’s Office earlier this week.

  • The meeting agenda will include a review of points agreed upon at the Dec. 4 meeting:
  • Emory’s continuing and future eminence will depend on pursuing “focused distinctions,” not the “lifting of all boats.”
  • Cuts will likely be necessary in any reallocation plan for Emory College of Arts and Sciences to invest more in opportunities for eminence.
  • Students should have some input into how ECAS meets student needs and wants.
  • Faculty input has been crucial and should be ensured going forward.
  • The president supports the authority of the dean to make the decisions he did.
  • Constructive interaction will be necessary going forward to shape the implementation for future plans.’

The agenda also will include a review by Emory College Dean Forman of the process and bases for the decisions and a discussion of a list of student concerns. The president and dean are looking forward to fostering a deeper understanding of how these decisions were reached and to a productive discussion of the ways in which students, faculty and administrators can continue to work together to implement the Emory College Plan over the next four years.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/481397321892932/ Shomu Banerjee

    In other words, what we did was right. How we did it was right. Now let’s get beyond it. That is not what the Students’ Re-Visioning Committee understood from the events of last Tuesday.

  • Student Re-Visioning Committee (SRC)

    Our Demands:

    1. Reverse the cuts.

    2. Formal and meaningful student, faculty and staff participation on all key decision making bodies.

    3. Full disclosure and investigation of all College Financial Advisory Committee proceedings.


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      Dear Members of SRC,
      Please remember this tactic when you land your first corporate job. Storm the CEO suite and try to predict the outcome.

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        I thought this was a university… not a corporation…. oh…. wait…. confusion.