Priyanka Krishnamurthy Elected Editor-in-Chief

Emory Wheel editors and staff members elected College junior Priyanka Krishnamurthy to be the next editor-in-chief of The Emory Wheel on Saturday. She will assume her new role after spring break.

She ran unopposed and received 25 votes.

Krishnamurthy began writing for the Student Life section in the fall of her sophomore year before writing editorials. She was named assistant Editorials editor later that fall and was named Editorials editor the following spring.

Current Editor-in-Chief and College senior Arianna Skibell, who has worked with Krishnamurthy since she first joined the Wheel, said she has long been impressed by Krishnamurthy’s intellect and ability to learn quickly. She said she looks forward to see what Krishnamurthy will accomplish leading the Wheel.

“[Krishnamurthy] has proven herself as a capable leader both at the Wheel and outside the Wheel,” Skibell said. “I have full confidence in her ability to govern this incredible organization with grace, competence and gusto.”

As editor-in-chief, Krishnamurthy said, she wants to address a paper-saving initiative and the expansion of topics covered in staff editorials, along with the efficiency of the editorial board.

Skibell, along with her executive board, worked to increase the presence and regard of the Wheel on campus, including launching an app and an improved website, Skibell said.

Skibell said she spent a great deal of time and energy meeting and networking with administrators to increase the visibility of the Wheel and feels that Krishnamurthy will continue to expand the on-campus presence of the newspaper.

However, Skibell said she is excited to see how Krishnamurthy will execute her own goals and ideas in the next year.

“Every editor is different and has something amazing and new to offer the Wheel,” Skibell said. “I know her time as editor of the Wheel will be an exciting and enriching experience for everyone.”

Krishnamurthy, a Philosophy and Economics major, said that although she is not a Journalism major, the Wheel has taught her the importance of writing, the power of the press and the necessity of an outlet through which members of the community can engage. Additionally, she said she promises to make sure everyone’s voices are heard.

“We are the outlet that people use to share their thoughts, opinions, illustrations, cartoons and photographs,” Krishnamurthy said. “This position isn’t about me. It’s about [the staff and readers], it’s about Emory and it’s about the power of press.”

— By Stephen Fowler 

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