Just Desserts: Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop

Joe’s East Atlanta Coffee Shop is definitely worth the trip. Desserts include coconut and chocolate cakes, pretzel-topped cupcakes, moist brownies and unforgettable exquisite chocolate mousse. The ambiance is quintessentially “artsy,” and the baristas know how to make your day. If you’re ever confused as to which dessert you’re in the mood for, they will know and help you order it. They know your tastes better than you know yourself. Not only that, but the prices are reasonable, and it’s a great place to sit down, have some “me-time” and just enjoy yourself. Or do your homework.

Ever in the mood for some exquisite mousse and dark as Diablo coffee? Because I’m always JOEnesing.

510 Flat Shoals Ave. SE.
(404) 521-1122.