Editors of the Emory Wheel

Julia Munslow is a College senior from Providence, Rhode Island, majoring in creative writing and English. She joined the Wheel’s Board of Editors her freshman year as assistant arts & entertainment editor and, most recently worked as executive editor. Her photos have been syndicated by national media organizations including The New York Times and Newsweek. In addition to the Wheel, she is an IDEAS Fellow. She covered politics for Yahoo! News this past summer.
Executive Editor
Michelle Lou is a College junior from Irvine, California, majoring in political science and economics. She previously served as copy chief and news editor. Outside of the Wheel, she is an undergraduate research fellow at Emory's Center for the Study of Law, Politics and Economics and enjoys snorkeling. This past summer, she interned for USA TODAY's copy desk.
Managing Editor
Hayley Silverstein is a College senior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in French and minoring in political science. She started her Wheel career as Emory life editor and most recently served as senior layout editor. Hayley is involved in clinical research for Emory School of Medicine’s Division of General Medicine and Geriatrics and rocks an intellectual crush on Albert Camus. In her free time, Hayley enjoys watching soccer, namely the English Premier League, and using her Dooley Dollars to buy goods for her fellow college students at Kaldi’s and the convenience store.
Managing Editor
Alisha Compton is a College junior from Chantilly, Virginia, majoring in neuroscience and behavioral biology and English, with a concentration in creative non-fiction. She most recently served as Emory life editor. Her interests include sunflowers, Gamma Phi Beta and chai lattes.
Copy Editor
Leigh Schlecht is a College junior from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, majoring in comparative literature and interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in art and social change. Intending to pursue a career in publishing, Leigh is assistant to an editor at the Academy of Management Journal and assistant to Winship Distinguished Research Professor Sarah McPhee, who is writing a biography on Giovanni Battista Falda. In addition to her literary pursuits, Leigh works as an assistant at the Rose Library and as a teaching assistant for IDEAS sidecar course “Identity Stories in English and Spanish.” She enjoys cooking and audio engineering, and is training for a half-marathon in April.
Copy Editor
Nicole Sadek is a College sophomore from Charleston, South Carolina, majoring in English and creative writing and international studies. She plans to become the next Brandon Stanton, and has absolutely no backup plan. You can find her drinking iced coffee and listening to The Head and the Heart.
Photo Editor
Ruth Reyes is a College junior from Miami, Florida, majoring in media studies and interdisciplinary studies. She grew to love journalism in high school as photo editor, writer and photographer for The Harbinger at Miami Lakes Educational Center. Now she aspires to work for The Walt Disney Company, The New York Times or Teen Vogue. If all else fails, she hopes to own a secondhand-bookshop-cafe where she can read Hemingway all day, every day.
Video Editor
Leila Yavari is a College senior from Atlanta, Georgia, majoring in film studies. Leila is interested in filmmaking and film history, advocating for social justice, the Baha’i Faith and everything to do with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Sports Editor
Kevin Kilgour is a Goizueta Business School senior from Wichita, Kansas, majoring in business administration with a concentration in marketing and English. Some of his greatest sports accomplishments include predicting Butler’s 2010 Final Four run and leading PAL Group One Eight (gold is our fate) to an Oxford Olympics championship. One of his primary goals in life is to write Derrick Rose’s biography.
Assistant Editorial Page Editor
Madeline Lutwyche is a College freshman from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in mathematics. She came to Emory primarily for the warm weather, and joined the Wheel’s Editorial Board Fall 2016. She is an unfortunate resident of Dobbs Hall, a member of the Women’s Swimming and Diving team and a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. Maddy enjoys celebrating her heritage with strong cups of tea, inappropriate BBC Radio 4 program(me)s and Oxford commas.
Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor
Devin Bog is a College sophomore from Fremont, California. When he's not at the Wheel, Devin can be found singing with the University Chorus, working on Complex Hall Council or watching way too much of The West Wing alone in his room. He enjoys all sorts of music and is a proud member of Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
Assistant Emory Life Editor
Niraj Naik is a College sophomore from Twinsburg, Ohio, who plans to major in business administration and is minoring in political science. Niraj is a nice guy looking for someone fun with whom he enjoys spending time. If you fit that description, hit him up!
News Editor/Campus
Alex Klugerman is a College sophomore from Rockville, Maryland, who plans to major in business administration. Outside of the Wheel, he enjoys watching Netflix, reading, cycling and attending concerts.
News Editor/City
Richard Chess is a College sophomore from Seattle, Washington, who plans to major in business. He enjoys watching the Mariners lose and serving as president of Complex Hall Council.
Associate Editor
Emily Sullivan is a College junior from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, majoring in international studies and minoring in ethics. She most recently served as news editor. Emily dances whenever she can and is interested in the relationship between journalism and human rights issues.
Associate Editor
Anwesha Guha is a College senior from Montgomery, Alabama, majoring in English and quantitative science with a concentration in biology. She most recently served as news editor. In addition to the Wheel, she researches, tutors, binge watches television shows and acts like she knows what she's doing with her life.
Associate Editor
Brian Taggett is a College junior from Kalamazoo, Michigan, majoring in political science and Latin American and Caribbean studies. He most recently served as editorial page editor. Between referring to carbonated beverages as "pop" and unabashedly cheering for the Detroit Tigers and Red Wings, Brian is about as Michigan as they come.
Associate Editor
Hannah Conway is a College senior from Los Angeles, California, majoring in American studies with a concentration in life-writing, narrative and memory studies and minoring in media studies. After serving as music critic for the arts & entertainment section, she became arts & entertainment editor before studying abroad in Copenhagen Fall 2016. In addition to the Wheel, Hannah is a sister of Gamma Phi Beta and a frequent concert-goer.
Associate Editor
Pranati Kohli is a College senior from Delhi, India majoring in political science. She most recently served as editorial page editor. Pranati is currently studying abroad in Amsterdam.