Early Applications Increase by 22 Percent

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Early Decision 1 (ED1) applications to both Emory’s main and Oxford campuses were up this year from last year while overall applications were down by 323 from last year, according to a Jan. 30 University press release.

ED1 applications to Emory College increased 22 percent from last year, and ED1 applications to Oxford College rose 35 percent from last year, according to the press release.

The press release adds that as of Jan. 24, Emory College received a total of 17,358 applications, down 323 from last year’s 17,681. While that decrease would mark the first year since 2010 that Emory has seen a decline in applications, the report noted that the admissions office expects the final application number, that will be available later this semester, will be closer to last year’s number.

“At this point, final application numbers are still being calculated,” Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment and Emory College Dean of Admission John Latting wrote in an email to the Wheel. “We expect that the final application number that will be available later this semester will be very close to last year’s number. Although our preliminary overall application numbers are essentially flat, we are very pleased with the significant increase in early decision applicants.”

According to unofficial preliminary data from the release, overall applications to Oxford College were up 165 to 7,042 from 6,877.

The report says 511 students were admitted ED1 to the Emory College class of 2018, and 177 ED1 applicants were admitted into the Oxford College class of 2018.

Among the Emory College ED1 admits, the top home states include Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Florida and California, the report said. Of the class, 17 percent are international students.

Latting said in the press release that he believes Emory is attractive to prospective students because the school is unique in that it delivers a liberal arts education at a major research institution.

“Prospective students are responding to Emory’s commitment to the transformative power of the residential, liberal arts experience,” Latting said in reference to “the uncommon opportunity Emory students have to benefit from a traditional college experience at one of the world’s leading research universities.”

Latting said that he believes this year’s applicant pool is academically strong and will continue a trend of diversification. He added that the preliminary numbers suggest Emory will see more minority students, women and international students in the applicant pool this year.

To develop such a class, Latting acknowledged that the admissions officers put in a significant amount of effort into this recent admissions cycle.

“I’m very proud of the work of the admission staff here on the Atlanta campus and know that [Jennie Taylor, dean of enrollment services at Oxford] is proud of her team at Oxford,” Latting said. “We both appreciate the contributions of all the faculty, staff, students and alumni who work with us to create interest in Emory’s rigorous liberal arts undergraduate experience.”

Moving forward, Latting said his office will be working to select the “remaining members of the Class of 2018 while working across all fronts to recruit and yield the best class possible from an absolutely stellar pool of regular decision applicants.”

— By Dustin Slade