Campaign to Collect Bras for Charity

Sexual Assault Peer Advocates (SAPA), in collaboration with Feminists in Action (FIA) and Emory Women’s Center, will present the Bra Chain Campaign on McDonough Field Wednesday to provide support for women’s shelters in the Atlanta community.

The campaign’s goal is to receive enough bra donations that they can hook all of the bras together into a chain that will stretch across McDonough Field on Wednesday. The initiative, started by the SAPA Vice President Brielle Scully, operates on the assumption that every woman has at least one bra in her closet that she does not use or that does not fit.

“Domestic violence and women’s shelters often get clothing donations, but not a lot of undergarments,” said Lindsay Falkenberg, a member of SAPA and president of FIA. “We’re pushing the Emory community to provide support.”

The chain will be displayed from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m., along with informational posters. SAPA and FIA members will be available to answer any questions that visitors might have.

“We’re working not only to collect donations for a shelter, but also to raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence,” Falkenberg continued.

SAPA has been receiving donations every day, and is looking hopeful for the event. Falkenberg, who has two sisters, is donating 12 bras from home.

Once the event concludes on Wednesday evening, the bras will be taken down and donated to the Partnership for Domestic Violence, “a local women’s shelter that deals with helping survivors of sexual assault get onto the right path,” according to Scully.

According to SAPA members, students have responded very enthusiastically, with many supporting the cause.

“I’m planning on donating a couple of my own bras, not just because I no longer wear them, but because this is a perfect example of an opportunity that students have to give back to the community in such a fun and unique way,” said Jean Chien, a College sophomore.

In addition, the Women’s Center will be holding several other events before the end of the month, including Silent No More, a candlelight vigil in remembrance of domestic violence victims in Georgia on Oct. 24, and Men Stopping Violence’s 30th Anniversary Awards Dinner on Oct. 27.

— By Minah So