“Activism can be a powerful tool to raise the consciousness of the entire campus community,” Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair wrote in an email to the Wheel, in response to the March 21 Trump chalking protests. “Our purpose at Emory is to educate and practice community. This is how we teach our students to lead beyond the ivory tower.”

Nair’s positive response to the student activism, which he called “an effective strategy to gain the attention of the campus community on very difficult issues,” reflected general administrative sentiment.

University President James W. Wagner echoed this perspective in a March 22 interview with the Wheel, praising the protests as a “mechanism for interaction.” He said that college campuses should encourage activism as a form of expression of concern that will ultimately better the community.

“Look, I’m so pleased I was in the building when [the protesters] arrived,” he said. “The opportunity to listen and their willingness to try to explain more and more clearly to me the root of the concerns was very effective.”

In a campus-wide email, Wagner outlined four steps that administrators plan to take in order to address the issues raised by the protesters. He proposed “immediate refinements to certain policies and procedural deficiencies; regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues; a formal process to institutionalize identification, review and addressing of social justice opportunities and issues; and commitment to an annual retreat to renew [their] efforts.”

Wagner said that social justice, racial justice and freedom of expression issues have been at the forefront of administrative discourse in the past year.

“I hope beyond thinking and conversation, we are also harvesting the fruit of that to go beyond conversation and identify where we can take action,” he said. He cited the Racial Justice Retreat and its follow-up event, the Next Steps Committee, which will release its recommendations by April 1, as examples of tangible progress in this area.

Wagner added that the Freedom of Expression Committee is meeting to address whether the person or people responsible for the chalking were in compliance with Emory’s policy. He said that they would debate technical issues, such as whether or not the chalkings were done on appropriate surfaces. However, he believes that the broader concern motivating the protests had to do more with the ideas the chalkings stood for than how they were done.

“Was it really just a message about a political preference, a candidate preference, or was it a harsher message?” he asked. “And I will tell you, those who met with me were genuine in their concerns that it was the latter.”

Ultimately, Wagner said he thinks that Emory’s Respect for Open Expression Policy, which states that Emory is “committed to an environment where the open expression of ideas and open, vigorous debate and speech are valued, promoted and encouraged,” permits people to “feel as though they have safety in speaking up” and allows administrators to “feel comfortable responding to incidents and concerns like this.”

However, College senior Alex Reibman believes that the proposed administrative response will prove to be counterproductive.

“I think the best step forward would be for administrators to engage in discussions with the students,” he said. “They could actually capitalize on this and allow for a better way of freedom of expression.”

He suggested that administrators consider the possibility of implementing “free speech zones” at Emory, which would allow people to voice their personal opinions and for others to counter those opinions. “Hate speech, whether we like it or not, is a crucial part of free speech,” he said.

College freshman Amanda Obando disagreed with Reibman’s view, saying that it dismissed the personal experiences of many who felt offended by the chalking.

“My reaction to the chalking was one of fear,” she said. “I told myself that it was a prank, and that the responsible individual was probably laughing in their room. I told myself that Emory would do something about it.”

Obando felt concerned that no one other than the Latino community and its allies took definite steps to address the offensive implications that the chalkings held. “People still don’t understand that the protest yesterday served not only as an expression against one interpretation of the chalking, but also as a collective manifestation against the fear that a bigot leader can create,” she added.

For some administrators, the protests served as a reminder of the challenges that the Emory community faces. While Assistant Vice President for Community Suzanne Onorato said that her values do not align with those that Trump espouses, she did not immediately realize the extent to which the chalkings could affect people when she first saw them on campus.

“As an administrator, I can say that we’re not helping to alleviate that pain,” she said. “They want to know why I’m not contacting them directly when these issues happen, why we’re not reaching out to students, what we can do better.”

Nair acknowledged that, historically, the burden of advancing racial justice in higher education institutions has disproportionately fallen to students of color.

“They carry the dual burdens of advancing a social agenda and achieving academic success,” Nair wrote. “We rarely account for or honor the lives and labors of these students and their enormous contributions to transforming our communities.”

Upon speaking with student protesters at a March 22 meeting in the Centro Latino, Onorato felt that she gained greater insight into the pain that some students experienced as a result of the chalkings. She and the students developed action steps that emphasized greater communication and transparency between administrators and the Emory community, such as increasing points of administrative contact and fostering awareness of minority issues within the Emory community.

“The Racial Justice Retreat addressed some of these problems, but we still have progress to make,” she said. “We need better and more communication and transparency. We need to make sure our students are heard.”

Nair added that he believes Emory administrators can “be proactive and create structures to respond more effectively to campus climate issues,” noting that this will be a likely outcome of the Black Students of Emory demands and subsequent developments in student activism over the course of this year. He said he believes that Wagner’s aforementioned planned steps serve as a testament to Emory’s commitment to create a “sustainable movement that reimagines and recreates a more socially just university community.” He hopes that this goal would ultimately position Emory as a preeminent institution for addressing social justice issues.

“Indeed, the results of student activism on our campus have helped to place Emory on the path of innovation in terms of how we address issues and improve our community,” he wrote.

  • gadfly

    Aaaaaand… this is why I voted for Trump.

  • ITHriana

    Disappointing response. You could just expel all non-liberal students, if that is what you want.

  • pmags

    1969: “The whole world is watching”
    2016: “The whole world is laughing”

  • roccolore

    Now the liberal fascists are afraid of…chalk.

  • Karen

    Emory is being mocked on every internet website, ever far-leftwing sites are snearing at the crying students “pain” compared to the actual pain of victims of the Islamic radicals in Brussels. Emory’s president looks weak.

  • Atomic Chico

    What a spineless wimp.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    We are a nation of frightened little girls…

    And Our Enemies Are Taking Note.

    • JRoberts

      Well that’s sexist.

      • Verbotene Gedanken

        Yes, it is. And?

    • FlameCCT

      My German is rusty but your moniker is quite appropriate.
      Forbidden thoughts indeed!

  • Burroughston_Broch

    This man is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  • Jersey_Phil

    Do you think a student wearing a Trump shirt or chalking Trump (even according to guidlines) would feel safe??

  • Mendog

    Generation Snowflake!

  • SkorpioG

    The contrast is amazing:

    Chalk Trump 2016 is distressing and upsetting and makes people claim they’re unsafe. Obama in Cuba, standing in front of Che Guevara’s image—a man who personally murdered “enemies of the Revolution”—the same Revolutionary Government that arrested protesters that same day—-yet no one seems at all concerned or bothered by it.

    Why is that?

    • pmags

      Don’t forget that Che was, in addition to being a mass murdering thug, a virulent racist and homophobe. But a snowflake in a Che t-shirt wouldn’t raise an eyebrow on that campus.

      • Aunty Mame

        PMAGS, You are so right about that — “…a snowflake in a Che t-shirt wouldn’t raise an eyebrow on that campus.” We’ve done an experiment and actually asked these snowflakes wearing these Che shirts questions like: What did Che stand for? Where did he live? What did he do to become worthy of hero status? They either don’t know or they think say something like, “He’s was a freedom fighter”.
        We tell them they ought to read up on him before wearing that shirt again.

  • UnmutualOne

    Obviously Wagner has had his spine and testicles surgically removed.

  • lop2bwp

    Why would Ms. Obando feel fear at seeing Trump 2016 written in chalk on a sidewalk? What is she afraid of? The thought that someone might support a candidate that she doesn’t approve of? And why was she waiting for someone else at Emory to “do something about it”? What is that “something” she wants done?

    Here’s a helpful hint, Ms. Obando. Chalk rinses away with water. If seeing Trump 2016 chalked on a sidewalk throws you into such a tizzy, please feel free to pour a bottle of water on it and wash the chalking and your fears away.

    What a damn bunch of snowflakes this country is producing. It’s just embarrassing.

    • MKR

      She’s afraid of what most liberals are afraid of.. .people who won’t buy into the lies, scandals and near-total breakdown of society that the Democrats have foisted on the American public. I’m not a Trump fan in any way but if Mr. Obando and other Emory students would open their minds to something other than the liberal party line they might see that other people actually have rights too.

      • The 6 Horse

        Yes, and she gets ATTENTION too. Why, she’s a regular campus celebrity now. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • quotidian

    My god, I read these comments from administrators, and they are endorsing the idea that one can be hurt by the name of a national figure written in chalk. This is crazy.

    • Anita Bonita

      They’re not really “hurt” by seeing Trump’s name written in chalk. That’s just a subtle way of destroying critical thinking and objective opinions. It’s a cruel and cowardly form of censorship and totalitarianism. Today they claim to be “offended” – tomorrow they’ll claim emotional abuse and ask for a formal investigation and arrest of the person who wrote it.

      Imagine a world where simply writing a person’s name in chalk can land you in jail. That is what they want. Assuming it’s a person they don’t agree with. Scary pretext. And they say Trump is like Hitler.

      • quotidian

        I know they are not truly hurt by it, but over the last two years, that has become the preferred way for aggrieved students to banish what they don’t like to hear. The “safe spaces” cause has spread like a contagion, because students have discovered that if you say you are hurt and unsafe, no one can really dispute you, and college administrators have wilted like wet noodles with apologies and resignations and statements of “empathy.”

  • nopeace

    Restricting student’s free speech to only those viewpoints you agree with is more what one would expect in Cuba or China, nit the United States. It is as un-American as ISIS and cowardly as the terrorists who just murdered dozens of innocents in Belgium. What will these students do as adults when there is no faculty to “protect them” from free speech?.

  • ronwf

    “We need to make sure our students are heard.”

    Does that include the ones that support Donald Trump? Are you going to make sure that they are heard? Or will they continue to have to write messages at night instead of speaking up in the daylight so that they don’t get threatened by budding SJW’s in the student and faculty bodies?

    • ChicagoJohn

      I have a car, gas money, and chalk.
      Anyone else want to road trip?

  • ronwf

    Let me tell you what makes me afraid. The President of the United States clasping hands in congratulations with a man whose hands are dripping with blood after exiling, imprisoning and killing his subjects (Cuba doesn’t have citizens, it has subjects), and having his picture taken in front of a monument to a megalomaniacal killer.

    THAT makes me afraid.

    • scarpen8

      You think Obama meant to pose in front of a Che Guevara mural? If so, I’m wondering if he actually knows anything about the guy. Needless to say, it was disgusting.

    • CrazyTerry

      I hate what these whiny students are doing But what about all the Republican presidents that feted guys like Duvalier, Marcos, Gen. Zia? Reagan called Zia one of his best friends. What about the republican presidents codlling Saudi Arabia? Obama is the first president with the guts to be at odds with muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – two of the nations that have encouraged terrorism indirectly or directly.

      • ronwf

        The GOP Presidents were wrong to do that as well. The fact that his predecessors did wrong things doesn’t justify Obama doing it as well. And since when is Obama at odds with the leadership in Saudi Arabia?

  • wsmy1981

    The whole country is a free speech zone. The whole university should be too, although I recognize that Wagner doesn’t agree with me there.

  • http://calebpowell.wordpress.com Caleb Powell

    What are you idiots and bigots going to do when you see a “Trump 2016” bumper sticker?

    Trump’s a bigot, but you guys are worse.

    • Red Ghost

      These are the same types that injured two cops in Chicago while rioting…errr..”protesting” at Trump’s rally….and the same type that blocked that highway in Arizona at another Trump rally….so there ya go.

    • Lewis Goudy
    • Anita Bonita

      Trump’s not a bigot. Sure deep down we may think he is, but when has he actually referenced skin color????

      Bernie, Hillary and the Democrats attack white people and men all the time. Trump has only insulted Mexico (a nation) and Illegal Immigrants (citizenship status). Those are NOT skin colors. Illegal Immigrants come from all backgrounds and ethnicity.

      But if you’re white, you’ve never been poor or had it bad…according to Bernie and many liberal Democrats. Now how is that NOT racist?

      You only think Trump is racist because you’ve been brainwashed by liberals and their PC rhetoric for the last 20 years. White privilege doesn’t exist. And a white person criticizing a black person isn’t inherently racist. It’s just criticism.

      These college kiddies are bigots, but adults like you are worse. Wake the fk up!

      • Richard

        I actually don’t think either of you know what “biggot” means. That being said he is an xenophobe (someone who has an irrational fear of people from other countries). And an uneducated one. And a sophist. Not saying EVERYTHING he gets called out for is xenophobic, but some of his spiel certainly is. No mexico is not “sending rapists” over the border. And we know not everyone from Islam is a “radical”, in fact the “radicals” all come from a specific subset of Sunni called “Wahhabi” centered out of Saudi Arabia. Such sweeping and inaccurate generalizations are tell-tale symptoms of xenophobia.

      • http://calebpowell.wordpress.com Caleb Powell

        Trump’s an ideological bigot, equal to communists or fascists. Luckily, he has to abide by US law, but he fits the definition of bigot. He can’t take criticism, is a narcissist and a moron. Is he a racist or sexist? That’s another debate. But he’s a mirror image of these college students, both are equally stupid and bigoted.

        White people whining about victimhood is just as if not more annoying than minorities whining about victimhood. Grow up.

  • Oleeve

    This article angered me, but after reading the comments below, I must say they did as well. Let me first off say that it is simply not right to compare Donald Trump to Obama, honestly??? And I believe that Donald Trump is extremely racist, sexist, and an embarrassment to America. However, just because I think this doesn’t mean that I think everyone must feel the same way as I do about him. I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and honestly scary that Emory seems so one sided in addressing the concerns of some rather radical students on campus without any regard to students with differing views. I must stop to say, though, that I don’t think most liberals share this view, and it’s rather ignorant to paint every liberal as some “deceitful, overly sensitive communist”. I’m definitely a liberal, and I can say with near certainty that the majority of us most definitely embody and embrace free spech.

    • Moderate american

      You’re right-he’s more on par wirh fdr or johnson.

    • Anita Bonita

      Liberals are the most racist of all. Saying “white people cannot be poor” and supporting racist Affirmative Action policies is far worse than being against illegal immigration, which involves all skin colors.

      That’s called critical thinking. Fight the powa kiddies! LOL

      • Oleeve

        Again, there’s a difference between being liberal and radical. I don’t think any liberal with half a brain would say that white people can’t be poor. And you’re obviously just too close-minded to be able to acknowledge the reasons that affirmative action was implemented, and why the long term benefits of affirmative action can and will in reality help white people along with people of all races. It’s honestly sad, because I believe the University should take on a more moderate view rather than such a biased, ultra progressive one. However, the comments on this article are so ignorant that it will probably only bring a backlash as you sound totally unrespectable.

  • Lertha Muttz

    You people are pathetic. Please slash your own throats and end your misery.

    • truthman1959

      Nice hair Lertha.

      • Lertha Muttz

        I saw it, I just had to have it.

  • erformc

    Be honest. This is a reprint of an article from “The Onion”, right? Because you couldn’t make up such pathetic human beings than these “protestors” or administrators if your tried.

  • Red Ghost

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read…these poor cry-baby kids are in for a real shock once they get into the real world…it’s too bad that Emory is basically coddling these over-grown toddlers…such a disservice.

  • Red Ghost

    And I almost forgot….

    TRUMP 2016!!!!

  • stevemann

    As an alum, I’m amazed at the reaction of these “bubble wrapped” students. In Pain??? Really?Sheltered, maybe, coddled for sure. Get over yourself and grow up!

    And the Emory administration failed miserably at teaching students that their discomfort can be acknowledged without infringing on speech. Even harder is getting across to them that it is NOT the University’s responsibility to shield them from discord, and that in fact it harms them when it does so. And how do I know Emory has been harmed by this? Well don’t ask me… Ask the Daily Mail, The New York Daily News, Gawker, ABC News, Mediaite, Daily Caller, and yes, Fox Sports.

    • Wayne Osterholm

      Here is one of the “victims” listed in the story above…. She is a political activist (aka political agitator), who probity did the scrawling with the chalk just to generate her own politicize aspirations.

      “Amanda Obando Polio of Santa Tecla Libertad, El Salvador, chose Emory due to her interest in international politics and addressing social inequalities. On her campus visit, Emory’s openness to offering financial aid to undocumented students impressed her the most.

      “If you ask anyone from Latin America if they have an illegal immigrant relative in the United States, it is very likely that they will say that they do,” she says. “It was very important to me that the university I decided to attend was open to tackling issues regarding this minority group. So the fact that [the Emory administration] fearlessly disclosed information on this topic immediately convinced me that Emory is the continuously progressive university community I want to be involved in.”


      Update: The SGA and College Council pledged in the statement, obtained by Campus Reform, to stand in solidarity with the “threatened” communities of this incident and to also make emergency funds available to “any student organization looking to sponsor events in response to this incident.”



      So how much money do they get “in response to this incident”? I guarantee that it will be more than the cost of chalk!

      • The 6 Horse

        “Emergency” funds. Why again? Because “Trump 2016” was written in chalk at a few places on campus. “Fear”? Of what? Oh, because of the message he sends. Because he said there are a lot of rapists and murderers crossing our border illegally? It’s true. Texas alone has had to arrest 620,000 illegals for such crimes and others.

        Yes, I said “illegals.” I don’t use the term “undocumented” as it purposefully hides the fact these people are in violation of federal law in being here. Is that what scares some? The possibility of being deported, of a family member being deported? Yes, if Trump wins the presidency, many illegals, perhaps all of them, will face deportation. Our laws must be enforced.

        Political speech is free and protected — it distinguishes us from totalitarian-ruled nations that might do what these Emory students seem to be pushing for — punishment for chalking a candidate’s name somewhere in public. If they want totalitarian rule, they can go somewhere else.

        How sad and pathetic that Emory officials are not using this opportunity to teach unaware students the principles behind our Bill of Rights.

        • John Smith

          You are entitled to your crazed distortions because there is no law against being a liar, or delusional, in the US. And I think the kids are absolutely silly.

          • truthman1959

            If there were a law Hillary and Bernie would be in prison.

          • The 6 Horse

            What’s distorted? 620,000 crimes committed by illegals in Texas that led to arrest: true. An exploding heroin epidemic caused by the flood of cheap, powerful Mexican-grown heroin: true. Most Americans are not in favor of amnesty for illegals, according to polls. Most Americans favor deportation.

      • truthman1959

        She too may grow up and be President.

      • truthman1959

        Why are we paying for scholarships for illegal foreign students when our own kids cannot afford college? Does that question make me a racist? Do I care what you think?

        • Wayne Osterholm

          Your a nationalist, like most citizens of the world, we appreciate our culture and language and boarders. Watch this, it a former KGB agent interviewed in 1984. It will explain a lot about what has happened to our nation in regards to useful idiots like this girl.


        • Wayne Osterholm

          And racist is a word created by KGB

    • Rage187

      Please stop giving them money if you do contribute. If there is a class FB group, please ask them to stop donating until this nonsense stops.

  • 3RD LT Rico

    Vote Trump 2016!


      I’m calling PETA on you,,,thats cruelty to jackasses

  • mdsman

    You, sir, are an idiot and a fool.
    You should be relieved of your position, without severence, immediately.
    You are a danger to these students and have no right to have any impact on their lives.

  • Red Ghost

    TRUMP 2016!!!

    • Lewis Goudy

      Mizzou enrollment down 20%

    • truthman1959

      Trump is a racist because he wants the immigration laws which were passed by a DEMOCRATICALLY elected Congress enforced? Which by the way would help the job opportunities in many minority communities of LEGAL citizens. Remarkable. ( P.S. Cruz believes the same and has a better chance in the general election against Hillary.)

  • RichmondVaCane

    Future historians will look back on this Age of Political Correctness and shake their heads the way we look back on the Salem Witch Trials and shake our heads.

  • John Tucker

    “In addition each graduating senior shall now receive a complementary paper bag that fits comfortably over their heads, and conceals their identity as Emory graduates, and it shall allow for unencumbered breathing and has holes for seeing.”

  • ThirteenthLetter

    Close down your university. You people are insane.

  • Moderate american

    Hmmmmm I’M ashamed of my president drone bombing innocent children in Yemen and forcing citizens to buy from corporations ( the very definition of fascism delicate flowers.)

    So am i allowed to say rhat clinton supporters should not be allowed, orrrre does that only go one way?

  • http://tonygreene113.com tony greene

    Please someone…stop the chalk! For more visit us at tonygreene113.com

    #Trump2016 – the Eddys live!!

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Trump chalker’s big mistake? Failing to apply for NEA grants before enlightening campus walkways. Orthodox Leftists will NEVER forgive that 1st amendment heresy!

    Flashback 2012: Sidewalk art enlightens Emory campus walkways

  • Ganesha_akbar

    Flashback Emory 2014: Today’s chalk-line #protest at #Emory was great. Back at it Monday at 12pm – Asbury Circle #BlackLivesMatter #justice

    • Anita Bonita

      I believe Emory University has always supported racist Black Supremacists. Black Panthers are frequent guest speakers.

    • truthman1959

      Black flies matter too, so ?

  • JimBob

    Wonder what the administration would have done had the chalkers written ‘Hillary Clinton’ or ‘Bernie Sanders’ for president?

    • MrGJG

      They’ve done nothing. Writing things in chaulk at Emory, and I’m guessing at other colleges, has been going on for years. Hopefully somebody has pictures.

  • http://www.all.media.lies.com/ TrollyTrollTrollTroll

    LOL… generation snowflake…

  • http://itsaboutliberty.com/index.php MNHawk

    “and that the responsible individual was probably laughing in their room.”

    The whole world is laughing at you, dear.

    • Marc

      I’m thinking about buying some chalk myself and taking a trip up there.

      • jb

        Racist !!! ( is it white chalk ? )

      • http://itsaboutliberty.com/index.php MNHawk

        Make sure you’re armed with assault chalk, for maximum carnage.

  • RJ

    My reaction to this protest of the Trump chalking is one of fear – Emory is supposed to be a safe place and it no longer feels safe to me – there are students demanding that free speech rights be taken away from people they disagree with – who knows what that will lead to – I’m afraid they may react angrily and become violent if I dare wear a Vote Trump t-shirt at school.
    I demand that the administration take action, identify these protesters, and haul them in for hearings in front of the conduct board!

  • rich in FL

    emory you aren’t serious are you from the silly students to the administration you are all making fools of yourselves.

  • Mengles

    So not only does Emory has retards as students, but they have retards as administrators as well. Gotta do something with that 65K per year tuition.

  • John Smith

    The actual intimidation is: “You must agree without careful examination that this is intimidation!”

    Nothing to fear but fear itself, no harm no foul, sticks & stones … the list of applicable ways to dismiss this un-intimidating, childish prank is long. This really is about whining that the concierge isn’t attentive enough and the pillows in first class are insufficient.

    • WarGamer2016

      This is LEADERSHIP in academia today?


  • Easyst17

    A campaign slogan in chalk is that upsetting? And people say schools are for learning about new ideas…

    • jb

      You have to admit , This is a *new idea ! Feel The Pain !!

  • Rage187

    Your alumni have to be ashamed as to what their funding has turned their school into. I think it is time we looked them up on LinkedIn and had a serious discussion on cutting that source of funds off.

    • Anita Bonita


  • rubagreta

    Here is the correct response:

    “Chalking Emory property is unsightly and inappropriate. From this day forward, anyone caught chalking will serve 40 hours unpaid time with the grounds crew maintaining the campus.”

    • jb

      Or get 4 weeks vacation ~

    • MrGJG

      That would have been fine if they instituted that rule when Obama, Hillary, and Bernies names were written in chalk. Why now?

  • Marc

    If these are the future leaders of this Country, can China or Russia please invade us soon, because we are doomed.

  • Marc

    The new campus newspaper.

  • Nuff_said2

    Why not make all campus Trump supporters wear a yellow star? It’s the same mindset couched in liberalize. While academia is free to ignore reality but they will not be free to ignore the results of ignoring reality when applications and donations drop and job fairs have empty stalls. As you proudly proclaim your idiocy and bias the real world watches horrified but laughing as you twist yourself into intellectual oblivion.

  • scarpen8

    Alumni should stop giving money to the university until they challenge these crybabies on what it means to be an adult in this world. Parents of these snowflakes need to have a serious talk with their tender offspring. They bring shame to you, the university, and our country.

    • Lewis Goudy

      Mizzou alumni donations down $5,000,000

      • Anita Bonita

        Enrollment is even worse. Anyone that sends their kid to Mizzou or Emory University would be a fool.

      • WarGamer2016

        The nut job Click is still out trying to rationalize her behavior.

  • skeets11

    Your college is a disaster and is graduating people totally unfit to live in the real world.

  • fmc63

    I would be embarrassed to have a degree from a school that allows this nonsense. For a student of be afraid of a simple, chalk written, candidate’s name means that student should probably be on a 72 hour psych hold because that student is not acting rationally. No one with any sense should even listen to a protest about this. The school’s administrators should not enable, let alone encourage, irrational emoting by its students. The students should be told, politely, to resume studying, if truly offended by a name in chalk don’t look at it and, above all else, GROW UP.

  • Nikki Goldsteen

    If you can’t handle other’s opinions, academia isn’t the place for you.

  • Quest for Truth

    I truly hope these bedwetters are reading these comments so they know just how little the rest of the world thinks of them. #GrowUp #NoMorePCBS #IpissedInYourSafeSpace

    • scarpen8



  • http://pcbushi.wordpress.com Kaijubushi

    They know everyone is laughing at them right?

    • WarGamer2016

      No. They think they are justified.

      It is all in the narcissistic nature of these kids.

  • http://market-ticker.org genesis3

    No problem at all; anyone with an Emory Degree just got binned, now and forever, anywhere that I have hiring influence. And no, that decision will not be reversed. Ever. Actions have consequences and “pretty, special snowflakes” need to meet the just result of direct SUNLIGHT. Join me if you’re involved in hiring or retention and put a stop to this crap by declaring that ANY degree from ANY such institution is instantly and permanently WORTHLESS.

    • Anita Bonita

      I will never support our team hiring someone from that college. In fact, I’ll be happy to see that they never work in my town again.

      Goodbye career options for racist, sexist, anti-American, anti-Capitalism, anti-Christian Emory University students!

    • Hypo

      This was the nail in the coffin for my daughter. She is going to apply at GA Tech for her post grad. Just got off of the phone with her. She was waiting to meet a patient and walking about campus there. Even with her tuition offset the fees still are over $30k . All in out of pocket at Tech is less than that and it has a better reputation and higher starting salary offers in her field. She has more than enough to pay cash at Tech.

  • Joe Smith

    I would never hire anyone from this joke of a school!!!

  • Banff1967

    Holy crap what a load of rubbish. All you have to do to understand why Trump has as much traction as he does is read the statements made by the administration at Emory. Stuff like this is just pumping gas into the tank of the Trump Train. A vote against Trump can now be associated with a vote FOR these people. Man, give me a ballot right now!

    • Anita Bonita

      That’s exactly why I support Trump. I don’t like what he says, I just HATE his critics. Including these stupid college students and faculty members at Emory University.

      Free speech does not mean censoring those you simply disagree with. None of these students will become successful. I suspect they’ll all become drug addict losers. If they aren’t already.

  • Jim

    This is a free speech issue. Emory University has no Constitutional right to squelch those students who chalked support for Trump

  • Anita Bonita

    Shhhh don’t tell the little college kids but Liberals are the most racist of all. Saying “white people cannot be poor” and supporting racist Affirmative Action policies is far worse than being against illegal immigration, which involves all skin colors.

    That’s called critical thinking. Fight the powa kiddies at Emory University! Just don’t ask me for money when you don’t have the skills or work ethic to find or keep a job. LOL

    • truthman1959

      Cruz, Hillary, Bernie.
      “The good, the bad, and the crazy.” E.A. 2016

  • ThetemplateBlog

    If your kid needs a safe zone, you have failed as a parent.

    • WarGamer2016


      Adults are supposed to create their own security and provide it to ACTUAL children. You know…children…those little people under the age of 12.


    I detest Trump. But evryone has the right to say whatever they want. My kids will never go to Emory. They will be taught to be strong. Safe spaces are RIDICULOUS. These kids are horrifyingly juvenile.

  • http://www.pnwgamer.info Mark Dietzler

    I would tell Amanda Obando, and all the rest of the fainting couch idiots at this school:
    Congratulations. You just told everyone in the country with hiring authority to pass on applicants with Emory degrees in their resume. Why? They are incapable of dealing with adversity without an emotional melt down.
    Nobody wants needless drama in the work place.
    These idiots need to be sued by the rest of the student body for debasing the future value of the degree they are going into dept to pay for.

    • John Glennon

      If had two resumes in front of me and one was a recent grad from Emory, well you know.

    • WarGamer2016


      I have already told my HR folks to check the backgrounds of new applicants for anything that might indicate activities related to “social justice warriors”. I dont need thought Nazi’s running around my office being offended and intimidating people.

      I am also taking a HARD look at applicants coming from the traditionally liberal schools and I want to know if the school they attended departments or curriculum related to things such as gender studies.

      I need serious people with solid skills and a useful education. I need people who can think on their own and can challenge the way things are done so we can do them better. I DONT need little children ill prepared to face the world.

      These kids think this is hard? Good grief, deal with some of MY clients on any given day.

    • AWD87

      Yup. No Emory hires at my organization. Not going to do it.

  • John Glennon

    We at Emory believe in free speech only if it agrees with our agenda.

    • http://hurlco.worpress.com Hurlco

      That was honest…John.

  • JRSCline

    This is a joke, right? Please let it be an Onion article. “Pain” is learning that you’re unemployable with an identity studies degree. (It’s also learning that your university is wholly under the thumb of emo-totalitarians who can’t even bear the sight of a political opponent’s name.)

    • AWD87

      Well said.

  • dtg001ss

    Someone needs to be the adult in the room, this is the wrong approach. The reaction of these students is shameful. Years ago, my grandfather told me stories of his family members being murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust and his immigration to United States soon thereafter. Long story short, fast forward to the 1980s, the KKK were protesting the existence of a Jewish community outside of Chicago. When asked his opinion of the situation, as much as he despised the message of the hate group, he still felt strongly that they should be heard because THIS IS AMERICA! By not letting one group speak because it may be offensive is unconstitutional and un-American. Emory students; If you disagree, peacefully counter protest then VOTE for change.

    • John


  • WarGamer2016

    This kind of “innovation” brought you the financial crisis.

  • WarGamer2016

    Makes you wonder what the faculty are doing does it not?

    WHO is feeding these kids the idea that this in any way is preparing them for the real world?

  • Burn_the_Witch

    When your institution’s name becomes a cognitive shortcut for the rejection pile with hiring managers, you’re doing something wrong.

    • AWD87

      Very eloquently said. No Emory grads in the hiring pile for me.

  • Atomic Chico

    So the University Pres decides to indulge some students’ fantasy that “Trump 2016” didn’t really mean “Trump 2016.” What a sad joke. The idea that “feelings” automatically are valid is a recipe for crybabyism.

    BTW, $100 says the chalking actually was done by one of the snowflakes who then went on to cry about it. We’ve see this many times before.

  • Atomic Chico

    Chalk is such a nasty weapon that even Hitler never used it.

    • truthman1959

      The black flies matter movement uses spray paint and fists.

  • Karen

    The student saw “Trump 2016” but spelled backwards, it meant 6102PMURP. It is so obvious.

    The entire world has stopped to laugh at Emory’s president and his appeasement of these anti-democracy protestors.

    • Banff1967

      Now it’s on the other students at the school and alumni to demand his resignation. He has embarrassed the school in the eyes of the world and potentially devalued a degree received from the institution in the process.

    • Samuel Adams

      If your pronounce it backwards, it says “Paul is dead”

      • Jeff_Stevens

        The kids will never get that one, Sam… That’s funny! …..Turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man, Turn me on dead man, turn me on dead man

  • Shamu

    Just NIP IT IN THE BUD! Fire this President and find a grownup to run this University.

  • DaDawggss

    Gooood job people.
    Now the entire country and media is just laughing at Emory University.

    Some Emory University students “in pain” after “Trump 2016” chalked on campus
    Emory University Students Think Donald Trump Is Out to Kill Them

    proud to be an emory student!!!

  • http://hurlco.worpress.com Hurlco

    Here we have a bunch of Emory “students” wallowing in the mustard green diarrhea their Pampers can barely contain, to the point where one screams to the Emory administration;

    “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain!”

    Cuing up SNL’s Dana Carvey doin’ the Church lady;

    “Well, isn’t that special?”

    Back in my day kids were getting whacked (Google it kids. “whacked” means murder, not a strain of marijuana) on the Kent State campus; the MC5 played in Grant Park at the ’68 Democratic National Convention; thousands of us were being drafted and sent to Viet Nam to kill the yellow man, or be killed; and when we had a beef, we strapped on a pair and took it to the streets while chanting “The whole world’s watching!” And it was.

    Fast forward to the present with these poor, abused, petulant, scardy cat brats crying about a candidate’s name written in chalk on cement while (probably) listening to Kanye or Taylor Smith…well, let’s put things in proper perspective. You just may be horrified to know the whole world isn’t watching and doesn’t give one flying duck about your perceived slight.

    I’ve got a suggestion in response to those buying into the “Trump is the New Hitler” narrative as this month’s boogie man. To those who REALLY believe the bloviating blowhard aka “the Donald” is the new Hitler, I’d suggest it’s your moral imperative to quit whining like little babies, unplug your social media devices, and go out fueled by the courage of your convictions–while being willing to go to any lengths to prevent his ascendancy to the Fourth Reich.

    Sick that in your one-hitter bongs and take a deep hit.

    • John

      These little pajama boys don’t HAVE convictions.

  • Mar Lie

    Oh for pity’s sake, how are you going to face the world if you can’t face someone supporting a different political candidate? Amanda Obando, your patents have utterly failed in raising you to be a responsible adult. Good luck getting a decent job, you’re gonna need it!.

    The administration is a bunch of wusses. Did that offend them? GOOD!

    • truthman1959

      Don’t worry, plenty of professor , federal paper shuffler and leftist journalist opportunities. Oh, and paid “activists.”

  • BurtGummer44

    Looks like the University needs to invest in some rainbow colored diaper changing stations for all these whiner babies called students these days.

  • igottasaythis

    Children of Emory University … Please take this into consideration … “In a time of drastic change it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” Eric Hoffer. With your present mindset if you were to tell a balanced Professor that you know all you need to know about Donald Trump you have stopped learning and would probably receive a failing grade. You cannot hide from what you think is the ugliness of life. If you attempt to hide, that ugliness that you perceive will seek you out and destroy you. You must confront it head on, understand it from every aspect and grow or wither on the vine.

  • David

    Wagner is a coward and disgrace to the university.

  • OD Green

    It is unfortunate that a small group of students is tarnishing the reputation. I’m sure the majority of students (undergrad, and grad) are as disgusted by this infantile protest as you and I are. I would make an effort to evaluate each candidate and not disregard/discriminate against all Emory grads based on this event alone.

  • Timothy J. Williams

    I did not realize what a joke Emory has become. I guess its reputation needs revising. Employers should think twice before hiring any of these hypersensitive, emotionally fragile babies. What a disaster they would be as employees!

    • Marty1201

      Can you imagine having to deliver a performance review to an Emory grad? You’d probably get a mean phone call from his or her mother if there was anything “triggering” in your feedback. In reality, they would sue. Sure, that’s whom any of us wants to hire.

  • Jeff_Stevens

    It’s very likely this will all be forgotten soon enough. But I do want to thank the students and administration at Emory for such an entertaining evening. I have laughed out loud at the comments of both the protesting students and those of us think the protesters may just be cranky because they need a diaper change. It was a nice reprieve from from a dreadful political year in which for me, there are no choices. I fear for them as much they must fear for themselves, but not for the same reasons.

  • David

    Their modus operandi is totalitarian in nature: restriction of speech that is all-encompassing for everyone but themselves, a bullying power-grab to regulate every aspect of public life, and this coupled with a passive-aggressive strong-arming presence that turns university presidents into cowering domesticated animals. Arguably what sickens people most is how they strengthen these tactics in a cloak of victimhood, and anyone who has a word to say in reply might as well tape his or her own mouth shut for fear of being branded any number of “anti-diversity” signifiers. The jackbooted thugs of a tyrannical regime are not far from their heels.

    • Robin Bolt

      Well said, I basically said the same thing on the prior article relating to this…

  • Carter Shmeckle

    I don’t think that you can single out Emory for this whole fiasco. It could have occurred on any number of college campuses. The larger issue is, are we going to de facto ban controversial speech? Some say we should: http://wp.me/p5Ep2A-4R . Or do we respect the First Amendment, and let everyone express their opinions. No one says you have to agree.

  • http://hurlco.worpress.com Hurlco

    Dig this brats

  • scashman

    What an abject disgrace – to the students, to the school, to the country. This place is supposed to be educating grown ups?

    Anyone resume that ever crosses my desk with ‘Emory’ on it will go in the same filing bin as the ones written in crayon

    • Marty1201

      Emory resumes straight to the circular file. Totally agree. I’m sure there are some decent kids there working to become responsible, contributing members of society. My advice to them? Leave!

    • AWD87

      Same for me. If I so much as whiff a job candidate who embraces the concept of micro-aggressions, I will not even interview them. People who go through life looking for the negatives and then protesting are not colleagues I want in my organization.

  • Debbie

    If merely seeing “Trump ’16” in chalk causes this much pain, there will be lots of fragile snowflakes begging to be euthanized if the insufferable doofus gets elected. The thought of this even softens my anti-Trump feelings a little.

  • Marty1201

    HILARIOUS that this article is tagged with the phrase “Freedom of Expression.” Emory is doing these “protesters” such a disservice in not preparing these spoiled, overly sensitive children for the real world they will soon encounter. On the bright side, you’ve provided the entire nation with a good laugh this week when we needed one badly given the real (not exaggerated) fear and oppression that exists in this world. I can’t believe hardworking parents actually spend money to send your kids to high-dollar daycares like Emory.

  • CMartel2

    I saw this coming in the 2000s when I was an undergrad there. There was a repressive political correctness about the place. You simply couldn’t step out of line, but many of us slowly rebelled as we moved through the years. Emory, you get zero alumni donations from me for this alone. Not to mention dumping your Methodist foundation. Not to mention doubling tuition in a decade.

  • NotAStupidSoutherner

    This is the epitome of political correctness rum amok and Emory students have embarrassed themselves in spectacular fashion. If you are really terrified because someone wrote the name “Trump” in chalk, then you must hereafter avoid trick or treating, haunted houses, surprise birthday parties, and practical jokes that rely on surprise. How do you make it through a day of you are truly that sensitive?

    What I suspect is that your offended feelings are feigned because you think that being offended will force the university to silence the awful people who wrote “Trump” on the sidewalk. How can liberals pretend to be tolerant when they act like this.

    If you don’t like what I wrote, please don’t reply Just tell the university president that you are planning on holding your breath until you turn blue.

  • Sean

    I am afraid too… I’m afraid these students at Emory have lost their minds.

  • Theodore Rex

    If these spoiled little EMORY BRATS were being forced into an unjust war like Vietnam, then I would say they have grounds to protest.

    The collection of brain washed morons, however are protesting imaginary phantoms like “safe spaces,” “white privilege,” and “chalk graffiti”.

    Let me share something with this band of idiots: If you pull this crap at your jobs — if you can find one with your USELESS DEGREES — you are going to be tossed into the street on your frail, little arses!

    Do you self a favor and get some MENTAL HEALTH counseling! You have been BRAIN WASHED by a bunch of MORONIC “PROFESSORS” who are obviously ANARCHISTS with COMMUNIST and SOCIALIST PEDIGREES!

    Arseholes…the whole lot of you!

  • Theodore Rex

    By the way — I would not be surprised if members of this BAND OF IDIOTS committed the acts of graffiti.

    This sort of behavior fits their mentally warped pathology!

  • confused

    What country are we living in?

  • CrazyTerry

    We have cops killing unarmed black kids(cases more clearcut and worse than the Michael Brown case which got caught up in a lot of ambiguity because of all the hype on both sides). But a simple TRUMP 2016 graffitti on some campus property creates FEAR??? And even worse, the university has to come seek out students and guess who is offended based on some other immaure kids writing the name of the presidential candidate they are rooting for? As far as implications of the graffitii, that is their problem. For all we know, maybe the kids who wrote trump were just hyping their own candidate instead of having some nefarior plan that such graffitii is meant to serve as a warning to latino students that they are not wanted here.

    Get over it, students. Learn to live with people who think differently. This concept of safe spaces is laughable. Yeah, I read the snopes debunking and realize no students claimed they were traaumaized. And no students asked for safe spces. But what they said was really not much better.

    • The 6 Horse

      Very, very few blacks killed by cops. A black kid has a better chance of being struck and killed by lightning. Fact.

  • CrazyTerry

    DOn’t be an idiot. Even liberals are laughing at this. They don’t get any more liberal than the people at DailyKos.

  • HelpSaveMaryland

    I have a simple solution to the so-called Trump caulk controversy. As an employer I will never interview or hire an Emory graduate again. I have to now assume all Emory students are poorly educated, closed minded, anti-free speech radicals with no concerns for the rights of others. Unlike the caulk dust this will not wash away.

  • CairoJoe

    Time to take down the Emory diploma hanging in my office. I guess I can hide it behind the file cabinet where nobody can see it.

  • Jeff Ames

    How is it that the alumni are not pressuring this man to resign? By coddling this nonsense – this contrived ridiculousness – he is damaging the university’s brand, and the value of an Emory degree.

    Seriously – we have a university president suggesting that someone who wrote ‘Trump 2016’ – in chalk – might be subject to disciplinary action. How on earth is that possible?

    • Dee

      Anybody ever consider that it just might be the kind of behavior that the Emory students demonstrated that fuel the Trump Campaign and popularity .. maybe almost everybody is tired of it.

  • truthman1959

    The issue should not be whether some students felt afraid or offended. That is their right. If that be the standard for censorship, there are many offended and intimidated by leftist Democrat’s statements and methods. The issue should be if the college administration is bold enough to let diverse opinions to be expressed. And to allow students to mature enough to learn to not be easily “offended” by another’s speech. Remember there is no right to not be offended. That is part of living in the U.S. as opposed to any Communist dictatorship. I hope for the sake of freedom, the administration will not be cowed into censoring the speech of students, no matter how “afraid” or “offended” some may claim to be.
    I could not in good conscience support nor send my children to such a university.

    • John

      Yep. I’ve read the Constitution very carefully. There indeed is no right to “not be offended.”

      But the leftists sure think there is. They could not possibly be more wrong.

  • Hootyman

    Obvious that the administration is either complicit or is too naive to realize that no “safe space action’ will ever be enough.

    The only thing that will satisfy these students is… nothing will.

    Good bye free speech. I suppose now if you support a GOP candidate on this campus you will be labelled a racist, hate speech, advocate and subject to being expelled.

    I know after reading this and evaluating the actions of Emory students and the administration, I’ve decided to keep my business a “safe space” by throwing Emory student resumes in the garbage.

  • Donna

    . “Our purpose at Emory is to educate and practice community. This is how we teach our students to lead beyond the ivory tower.”
    First, there is not a professor out there that does not sit in their ivory tower looking down at society while adding nothing to society.
    Some of the most bigoted people in this country are professors and teachers. Of course they will support stupidity as well.
    I hate the tell you, but the rest of the country is laughing hysterically at the ‘Chalking Escapades’, it is hilarious. Email jokes have been passing by all day, and really funny ones. (you would be very offended). I would say it is safe to say hiring a student from Emery is pretty much out of the question. If you only really knew what everyone else really thinks of this. Time to take your heads out of your a$$e$ and look. The students, faculty and un-professional professors are the laughing stock of the country right now, and I mean the entire country.

    • Banff1967

      The problem is with tenure. You have full time professors who are so disconnected from anything in the real world because they’ve spent the last 10 – 20 – 30 years in their little bubble that it defies all logic to think that they are capable of teaching anyone anything that has any connection to today’s world. While it’s a massive waste of everyone’s money we should probably be happy that the majority of courses offered at a liberal arts university have no bearing on the modern world. Silver lining.

  • Theodore Rex


  • Banff1967

    That’s a great picture of Wagner trying to look “Presidential” while listing to the little whiners cry in his office. You would have thought he’d give them their moment, give them a tissue and a pat on the head, and send them on their way but NOOOO, he thought it would be a much better idea to make Emory and himself global jokes. If I was an Emory alumni I’d certainly want to see him removed before I donated any more of my hard earned cash to the school.

  • Kelly Collins-Cunningham

    Mr. Wagner, we are talking chalk here. There were no racial, sexual or political slurs. Nothing but chalk. You are doing your students and the university a disservice by not telling these children, because it is obvious that they are children, to grow up.

    If precious and delicate Emory students want to face real pain and fear, I suggest they contact their counterparts in Paris and Brussels.

    Sadly, freedom of speech is a two way street. Just as it allows students to express their opinion about unicorn and rainbows, it allowed the Nazi’s to march through Skokie, IL, a Jewish community, much to everyone’s disgust and dismay, and this year it protects the obnoxious Trump.

  • kveezee

    I hope these students are all registered voters so they can actually make an impact one way or the other in the Trump phenomenon.

    • John

      I hope they never see the inside of a voting booth. They’re not qualified to vote.

      They’re too stupid to vote.

      • Sertorius

        That’s the damn truth. I always cringe when there is a “get out the vote” campaign as it helps to encourage the stupid and ignorant to engage in conduct they are not suited for, critical thinking not being their strong suit.

        • John

          Me too. I am all for poll testing to discriminate… against stupidity.

    • Ricke1949

      When they see Trump on the ballot in the voting booth they will be crying and wetting their pants. Next they will hide in the bathroom and cringe. No vote will be cast.

  • Alfredo

    The real truth here is that none of these students are afraid or traumatized. They just want to impose their will against someone they disagree with and using the moronic micro-agression rules to do it. They cry and whine, because the tactic that worked with mommy and daddy will surely work with university staff. What these students really want is a dictatorship, where their will is forced on everyone else. This is the disgusting mindset of those whom the future of this country relies upon, and a future in which freedom of speech will only be for those you agree with.

    • Jack Frost

      The Truth sure hurts… Spot On !!!

  • Atomic Chico
    • johnathan blaze

      That is hilarious. LOL at the crybullies

    • Kevin Schwartz

      I didn’t find it all that funny from a comedic standpoint, but if Larry Wilmore is making fun of this,it’s a pretty good sign that people are turning against these protesters.

  • johnathan blaze

    “I might have a middling GPA in a soft major, but what really sets me apart is my passion for SOCIAL JUSTICE”

    • John

      Looking at the current staff running this publication, it seems as though nearly all of them are “soft majors”. You know, “whatever” studies.

      I will say however, this is a nicely constructed web site.

  • Rob J

    Hey frightened airhead protestors and your enablers in the feckless administration of Emory University — read the following and weep:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Those words in the U.S. Constitution mean that yes, you have the right to protest the “chalkings.” But the “chalkers” also have the right to do the “chalkings.” What the H have you learned anywhere about freedom in the U.S.? You DO NOT have the right to prevent conservatives from speaking on your campus if just one of you is getting taxpayer assistance to attend Emory. Those are called “Pell Grants,” “subsidized loans,” among other names.

    Or, are you students really a bunch of fascists, like Hitler or Mussolini, or Communists, like Lenin, or Stalin?

  • johnathan blaze

    This unrest is a direct result of affirmative action. Here’s how it works:

    1) School admits minority students with lower test scores/GPA due to affirmative action
    2) Minority students fail to keep up with smarter kids who deserve to be there on their merits.
    3) Minority students notice that school support staff is primarily the same race as them.
    4) Minority students become insecure due to academic and social inferiority.
    5) Minority students become easily triggered due to low self-esteem.
    6) Instead of blaming their own lack of initiative and intelligence, they lash out against the University.

    Lather rinse repeat at colleges across the country. And it’s all because of affirmative action.

  • lvg

    I hear Donald Trump is stalking these students through their I-phones and sending them political messages plus threatening messages drawn in chalk.. Time for administration to call in the FBI and National Gaurd if this does not stop.

  • Rob Browning

    Well, I guess I know who isn’t getting my money when they call next year. And this is coming from someone who is far from being either a conservative or a fan of Donald Trump.

    Not because of the students. The fact that it was only 50 on a campus of 15,000 is actually gratifying. But the president humored them anyway, and every single one of those students, protester or not, is worse off for it. Anyone who is unable to tolerate “Trump 2016” or even “Build a Wall” written in chalk on the quad is not ready for adult life, the preparation for which is the primary mission of any university.

    I remember when my roommate got his car windows busted in for having a Bush 2000 sticker on his bumper. What I don’t remember is the administration publically denouncing it or offering support for people with similar views. And that was an actual act of vandalism which a normal person could perceive as a direct threat.

    Being from rural West Virginia, one of the things I most appreciated about Emory University was its diversity–people from all races, creeds, and walks of life go there. But the most important form of diversity is diversity of opinion, and I can’t support anyone who would damage that. That’s why I won’t be giving Emory any more money until James Wagner, at the very least, either resigns his position or is removed from such.

    • DonQuavius

      I respect your opinion. But having witnessed the Mizzou farce, and acknowledging the main perpetrator lied about being struck by the chancellors car, white people and public or large institutions are under attack in basically a no win situation. I think he played his cards the best anyone could.

      • http://hurlco.worpress.com Hurlco

        Not even close. He pandered in a manner NO ONE will ever do in real life once they get off the Good Ship Lollipop.

        • DonQuavius

          Well you’re living in fantasyland mr lollipop. Not that I wouldn’t agree but if you behaved the way you act, you would be proverbially lynched. Get in touch with this demographic because until you do, you will fail at understanding the practical implications of this mob-crybully mentality. Until then, you are wrong wron wrong.

          • http://hurlco.worpress.com Hurlco

            About what son?

    • Ki Limo

      If it makes you feel better, he’s resigning this August

  • PrinceofWhitebread

    What strikes me is that none of these alleged near-adults seem to feel any shame at admitting they are so weak, so puny, so…insubstantial…that chalked words (not even actual threats) have the power to completely unman them. These are people who have not merely embraced their victimhood, they have melded with it. Their lives will be one long journey fleeing from the micro-aggressions of a cruel world that really doesn’t give a damn about their tiny feelings.

    • The 6 Horse

      These are the same students who major in Victim Studies. What does one do with a degree in Black Studies, Womens Studies, etc? There are only so many teaching and “director of diversity jobs. Is it worth it spending four years seeking reinforcement for the notion that the world isn’t fair to people like ” me.” This is self-indulgence in gallons and gulps.

  • ChicagoJohn

    “Wagner added that the Freedom of Expression Committee is meeting to
    address whether the person or people responsible for the chalking were
    in compliance with Emory’s policy.”

    So I’m just guessing that reading Orwell never happens at Emory?

  • ChicagoJohn

    Also… I’ll never forget where I was when I first read about the Emory Chalking incident. A day that will live in infamy.

  • Skillet

    Gee, I still remember when people went to college to actually learn something. I mean something besides learning to be an imaginary victim 24/7. The saddest part is that the school took this idiocy seriously.

  • AWD87

    Dear Emory Community – The world is laughing at you right now. Not just the few dozen protesters, the whole community. Just as the whole world laughed at those aggrieved protesters and administrations at Mizzou, Yale, and Princeton.

    If “Vote Trump” or “Accept the Inevitable” are perceived as threatening or offensive or unsafe, would “Vote Clinton” or “Accept the Inevitable” also be considered threatening or offensive or unsafe to conservative-minded students? (Not that conservative-minded students would ever protest over such a trivial example of free speech).

    What would happen at Emory if dozens of conservative students banded together to say the following: I feel threatened by Clinton’s treatment of women who accused her husband of rape and sexual harassment. I feel unsafe because of her unwillingness to take the necessary steps to defeat ISIS. I find her open borders policy offensive to law abiding citizens and legal immigrants. Anyone who writes “Vote Clinton” is micro-aggressing. This must not be allowed.

    The protesters are just sad examples of cultural decay and the administration’s response is an example of political correctness run amok.

  • Ubu Roi

    The last professor at Emory with a spine and a brain has weighed in. Harvey is being nice, it’s much worse than he accounts:


    This disgrace is the result of a president and an administration at Emory being philistines and cowards for a very long time; this didn’t just happen. They have cultivated this crop of weeds for decades, and now those weeds have sprouted from the miasma that was laid out by the fools who run the place. Garbage in, garbage out. Do not send your children to Emory–unless you want them to grow up to be an ingratiating worm like Wagner, a man who would say anything to keep his job.

  • Jeff_Stevens

    supplies are limited… get yours today

  • Ubu Roi

    Listen to the gibberish these mooncows dole out, the therapeutic, mealy-mouth, anti-language all of these administrative clowns write and speak with. It’s exactly the jargon that the university specializes in, and the one that is churning out a race of unintelligible waterflies. There are whole “disciplines” that speak and write like this, all day, every day. This clap-trap is all over campus, and when you hear it, it is a dead give-away you are talking to a pod person. This isn’t a sign of health or intelligence–it is a sure sign of decadence and nihilism. This rot has invested almost every university in the country, and is so ubiquitous they don’t even notice it anymore. It has equally seeped into government and many large corporations–usually from the idiots and losers in the human resources departments. The closer to the university, the worse it becomes, and all evil originates in Ithaca. The Humanities in most colleges are worse than a leaky nuclear reactor. Healthy, thoughtful, educated men and women do not think or speak like this–and no member of the public intelligentsia prior to 1970 who ever sounded like this. Antonin Artaud was lucid by comparison. Read Trilling or Barzun or Harold Goddard or Edmund Wilson and see for yourself. The clothes are off the fakes and frauds in the ivory tower; just a bunch of bums and bureaucrats who have been systematically dumbing down the greatest intellectual tradition the world has ever known. They should be mocked and laughed off stage–under a hail of tomatoes.

  • John Glennon

    Weep for the future of America.

    • Andy Quillin

      Amen brother, amen. My exact thought also. Along with thinking that I bet my grandfather is rolling over in his grave…and what would’ve happened if these students were the generation of soldiers that fought for us in WW2? I bet we’d be Sprechen jetzt Deutsch

  • Amnot Melanie

    The administration is ignoring us. This pathetic attempt to address the issue is unacceptable. TAKE REAL ACTION! Is it really too much to ask for them to look into republicans and conservative democrats? Have those people they identify take classes to help them become more compassionate. If they refuse to take the classes or they take the classes but do not improve their views, then expel them from school There is not reason why we should have to hear such hateful views and opinions from out fellow students. I shouldn’t have to worry that I might be talking to someone who secretly wants Trump or Hillary as president. Do you have any idea how stressful and difficult that is? If you’re not going to kick them out, then at least make a list of right-wingers so that we know to avoid them and express our disgust with them. We need these changes so that we can feel safe and welcome in our own campus again.

    We demand the administration denounce Trump and all other conservative candidates (including Hillary) and endorse Bernie Sanders. We also ask that the administration warn all students that any support of Trump on or off campus will result in immediate expulsion. Also, all students who have previously registered as a republican or showed support for Trump must be required to take several classes help correct their wrong and intolerant thinking. We also ask that the administration have all students sign a pledge to support Bernie Sanders, and not doing so will result in expulsion. Lastly, we demand a list of all students and faculty who have shown support for Trump or other extremist candidate during this election.

    • John


      I’m sure these little SJWs at Emory are re-tweeting your satire as we speak… as their own words! Little plagiarists.

    • ChicagoJohn

      The sad part is that until I was halfway through… I wasn’t sure if this was satire.
      Because the satire is too close to the reality.

      • Jack Frost

        It seemed kinda real. Too real. Perhaps we will have Thought Police soon.

    • Allen Rancki

      AmNot, please take advantage of these opportunities available to everyone. Best.

      From Emory resource: “University President James W. Wagner echoed this perspective in a March 22 interview with the Wheel, praising the protests as a “mechanism for interaction.” …..In a campus-wide email, Wagner outlined four steps that administrators plan to take in order to address the issues raised by the protesters. He proposed “immediate refinements to certain policies and procedural deficiencies;

      regular and structured opportunities for difficult dialogues;

      a formal process to institutionalize identification, review and addressing of social justice opportunities and issues; and commitment to an annual retreat to renew [their] efforts.”

    • Tawana Brawley

      Amnot you are soo behind the times and need to be more progressive on your campus! On my campus we are starting a petition demanding lie detectors be administered to verify the political views of every current student and faculty. Anyone who doesn’t share the world citizen view will first be placed in stocks on the main lawn where we will make them aware of our disappointment of their unenlightened views. But simply expelling them from campus is a travesty of justice. These knuckle draggers and their families (whom we are certain carry the same degenerate views) cannot be trusted in any part of society. We demand they be sent to a retreat or camp where there are forced to become tolerant of our views. Quite frankly if they never return, I for one will shed not a tear.

    • Full Measure

      Troll level: Master

    • Jack Frost

      Perhaps you should sic the Thought Police on them !!!

    • mel jones

      I was just reading your comments on the Victoria Marten story, and you are a worthless piece of garbage, and obviously a degenerate radical feminist. The women who committed the crime are responsible for their own actions you abominable piece of crap, and deserve beyond the worst punishment allowable by law. I can only pray they get non-stop punishment from guards, and inmates while serving time, and you die in a fire.

  • Allen Rancki

    …..Folks, what is not being talked about is mental health. If these 40 or so kids on a campus of thousands, are genuine about their feelings of pain and fear of death, based on chalked “TRUMP”, etc markings, these kids may have serious mental health problems–nothing to laugh about. PTSD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorders in young people away from home for the first time in their young lives, are often overlooked until a “triggering” event.
    …..It appears the university make be taking the politically correct steps to help determine if these are real. See: http://emorywheel.com/22416-2/
    “University President James W. Wagner
    …..In a campus-wide email, Wagner outlined four steps that administrators plan to take in order to address the issues raised by the protesters. He proposed “immediate refinements to certain policies and procedural deficiencies; REGULAR AND STRUCTURED OPPORTUNTIES FOR DIFFICULT DIALOGUE; a formal process to institutionalize identification, review and addressing of social justice opportunities and issues; and commitment to an annual retreat to renew [their] efforts.”
    ……Mental health problems in young people, especially college, are seldom discussed openly, but they are, never the less, real and the consequences of ignoring the signs are tragic. I know.

    • JRSCline

      Feelings can be real without being valid. What seems far more likely is that these type of students have found an effective lever to bend the entire administration to their will with practically no effort or risk of consequences: by loudly and histrionically claiming emotional distress.

      It’s a hard thing to disprove, and if the administration doesn’t say “There, there, dears, we’ll fix it for you,” then the emotional manipulators can simply escalate further and claim victimization by the university – which is really what they’re after: a buy-off bribe of more resources and attention from the administration.

      It’s easy, it gets results, and that’s why organized “student emotional distress syndrome” happens again and again at so many universities today.

      • Allen Rancki

        True….Still, I’ve spent the better part of my life dealing with an adopted child who wasn’t diagnosed schizophrenic until 25 (we thought she was just a rebellious wild child), spending years with VETS like me dealing with chronic illness, PTSD, etc., years helping young people, several of who ended up very poorly, and I lost three buddies to suicide. I HATE to see young people in trouble, simply because people’s lack of understanding. Best regards.

        • JRSCline

          I get it, but this is politics, not genuine mental illness. If these kids are crazy, it’s like a fox. Real mental illness doesn’t chant slogans and march into administrators’ offices looking to start political witch hunts.

          • Allen Rancki

            JRS, you’re quite right–most of these kids could be faking it on campus–lots of reasons for that when one is young. However, young people with mental wellness issues may not be at all antisocial–they’re often quite the opposite. Finding a group where they’re accepted is a coping skill. Look for poor reasoning skills and behavior that doesn’t match their surroundings; that’s where you’ll be able to recognize the disordered mind. For example, read through Amnot Melanie’s train of thought. Posts of this type could be troll or it could be an irrational mind. Regards

          • JRSCline

            Well, it’s an interesting thesis – that political correctness-cum-emotional-fragility is in essence a mass mental disorder.

            Of course, then the question becomes how to efficaciously treat it. How do you walk it back, short of expelling 20% of the student body as unsuited for the rigors of higher educational inquiry?

          • Allen Rancki

            There’s a popular cognitive approach, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, which can be made easy to do and engaging for a peer setting. CBT helps people understand thoughts are behind both feelings and behaviors. Learning to recognize thoughts may simply be negative thoughts or simply myths, individuals can categorize them by types, then a list of effective counter thoughts are tried out until the negative thoughts or myths no longer produce unwanted feelings or behaviors.

          • JRSCline

            Buy-in would be problematic. Psychological deprogramming, whether by CBT or other means, is a voluntary process, outside of authoritarian regimes. The prospects of getting an entire Latino Student Association into a group therapy session seem… remote.

            A mental health approach would be viewed as political reeducation, which is the sort of prescriptive tonic the progressive commissariat approves for other people, not for its own.

          • Allen Rancki

            Hey JRS, I think every methodology designed to help people is problematic. I liken it to the little old lady picking up starfish on the beach and throwing them back into the sea. Someone comes by and comments, “Lady, you’re not going to make a difference, there’s hundreds of them! ” She picks up another and throws it back in, “I made a difference for that one!” David Burns, Feeling Well and others similar to it focus on non-professional peer facilitators, and use a structure to insure equal time and fair play–to make a difference for one person at a time. It works really well with small groups 7-10. The key is finding a couple folks in the group who care about others, can understand the purpose for the structure, can communicate it and can remain neutral for that meeting.
            There are no leaders, no professionals. People who talk the least in a group are usually the best facilitators. Role playing situations is powerful and fun. Regards

          • JRSCline

            One of my favorite ‘parables.’ To the extent that a few (authentically) fragile students can be helped, it sounds workable. As a prescription for the larger phenomenon of campus totalitarians run amok, one would like to see some proof of concept at scale. Good luck!

          • jess

            Hi, you replied to me over at ABC about a comment that they deleted. I cant reply there anymore. they have officially banned me from commenting for my polite comments. whoever was doing it must have been the articles author because i wasnt the only one it happened to. I tried contacting their support but it seems every method just gets a generic “we dont read these, good luck heres some links” no matter what section you try. so anything on ABC, the author has carte blanche on silencing differing opinions. They delete the good opinions and leave the garbage comments. its sicking that such behavior is tolerated on news sites. Im not sure how that comment you replied to was even still there. i thought all my good ones were deleted, maybe they missed it.

  • BDGator

    Allow me to reiterate what’s been said… your school, your students and your administration are national laughing-stocks. Emory and everything associated with it are now a national punchline. Congrats!
    And the blame for this is borne solely by the president/administration. Blaming 50 cry-bullies for behaving precisely as you have indoctrinated them is ludicrous. The fault lies in the reaction to them. Rather than telling them to grow up and go to class, you coddled them and gave weight to their ignorance and nonsense.
    Have you seen the freshman numbers at Mizzou? Have you looked at the financial ramifications for their terrible decision to cave in to the tantruming children? You might want to. Or rather, you might have wanted to BEFORE you turned a once proud school into a joke.

  • John

    “Amnot Melanie” is neither “angry,” nor “lesbian,” nor a “Melanie.”

    Mx. Amnot, of La Grande, Or., works as a lizard alien and amuses itself by spoofing angry lesbians in comments sections.

    See generally Facebook, s.v. “Amnot Melanie” (“Works a[s] Lizard alien”).

  • ShadrachSmith

    Is voting for Rs illegal yet?

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  • Full Measure

    The center cannot hold….

  • mendskyz

    And you left wing intolerant clowns always give yourselves away by going straight for the personal attacks and the cursing. Amazing how the left claims to be the intelligent people yet they are the ones that resort to the four letter words to get their point across.

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  • Terry Johnson

    Administrators should be ashamed of themselves. Universities are simply liberal, political correctness centers, forcing students to never learn how to think. How sad for this country, but truly how sad for those who call themselves professors.

  • CincyGal

    And parents — or someone — is paying for this pathetic inability to educate! They are in pain??? Oh, poor little snowflakes!

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  • Ricke1949

    Emory is a closed university where freedom of speech is hindered. Why would anyone hire someone who graduates from a place like that? The first thing that will happen is they will cry, whine and call you a bigot or racist. Not hiring Emory graduates will make both the administrator and the students cry. Time to send some Pampers for both.

  • Andy Quillin

    she did not immediately realize the extent to which the chalkings could affect people when she first saw them on campus.

    “As an administrator, I can say that we’re not helping to alleviate that pain,” she said.
    You have got to be kidding me??? PLEASE TELL ME YOU’RE KIDDING!! “That pain”??? What “pain”? Are they allergic to chalk? Did someone slip on the sidewalk? “Pain”? What a bunch of pampered souls…My goodness! Judging by the reaction from the administration, it’s no surprise nowadays that so many people think it’s criminal if they’re made to feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. These students should say they attended the school of soft knocks if they’re ever asked, for Pete’s sake I’m almost embarrassed for them! This is where the “every-player-wins- a-trophy” style of teaching got us I guess. Wow.

  • Red Ghost

    I just signed the petition, “Colorado Governor: Label Black Lives Matter a Hate Group!.”